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OCT 31, 2022 • 9:00 – 11:00 AM EST

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Laura JE Hamilton
Author, Speaker

FULLY COMMITTED is about the transformation of self-image through the hero’s journey from a soulful perspective using Laura’s story to provide practical examples of what helped in her own journey and what she wouldn’t recommend based on lived experience.

Emotional resilience is an often overlooked component of transformation that is best tracked and addressed using tools that support listeners through the discomfort of up-levelling while intentionally creating better stories about the process while living it.

…It is time to take your experiences to the quarry station where you can mine them for their lessons…

Using her experience of getting locked up under the Mental Health Act in 2019 and lawfully dealing with a summons for speaking at a rally near the place where she was coerced out of her position on the ‘frontlines’ early in 2021 for refusing to wear a persona she believes it would cause harm to participate in the con vid fraud.

Laura candidly shares her testimony as one who has and continues to stand for truth and justice despite the high cost doing so has come with. And from this informed perspective she has learned how to stand as a woman with claimed rights to freely share my Belief Systems (BS) without infringement from any man or woman with competing interests. Let all claims be made clear now.

The Hierarchy of Creation, combined with two motivational needs theories, frames the insanity we are currently living in from the perspective of love instead of false e-motion appearing real (FEAR).

In a world where creators have been converted into consumers (and other statuses of lesser standing than we have when we are real) Laura’s alternative tale breaks down words in a way that will help listeners become the i-mage of a life we can be proud to have lived while leaving the world better for those who will inherit it from us.

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Zorah C, England
Shamanic Healer

Thank you so much Laura. Your reading explained so many things about myself and how my life has been shaped up to this point, with all of my frustrations and disappointments. Overall I feel more connected to my authentic self which has been expressed in so many ways; increased confidence in my healing abilities, improved communication skills, I am less distracted and better able to concentrate on the here and now and I am less controlling of both myself and my loved ones and more able to go with the flow, guided by Spirit. Thank you once again. You are a much needed light in this world.

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Sally T, France
Angelic Healer

Laura conducted a fantastic Soul Realignment reading for me which I have found to be extremely beneficial. The information was informative, validating, positive and uplifting – anything that was queried was backed with reasoning, supporting information, as well as future steps to take to either heal, improve, change or simply understand why things are how they are! Laura’s reading greatly helped me to understand more of why I was on my journey and the path I was on – and gave me great insight as to the relationship I have had with my mother over the years. Laura is one of the most positive uplifting people I have ever met – and completely trustworthy with such personal information.

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Jacqueline T, Canada
Breakthrough Canada
Coach & Realtor

Laura helped me understand the transformation I was going through at the time. When you are on a journey and you are looking for answers, such as why are certain parts easy and why are certain parts hard and what can I do to move myself forward, you call Laura. The reading Laura did for me, gave me answers to questions that I never thought I would get. She delivered her findings in a kind, nonjudgmental way. I have used this information to assist me in crafting my business branding and promoting my career. It is only when you know who you truly are can you authentically share that with the world. And to do that just pick up the phone or email and book a reading with Laura right now.

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Jasper W, Ireland
Executive Coach

Laura has been my coach for 2 years. It has always remained fresh. We initially focused on my values, purpose and vision. More recently, the focus has been on my own energy and performance, as well as that of my business. What I love most about Laura is her uniquely inquisitive line of questioning that helps me explore my decisions in business and in life on my terms. It’s never intrusive. Never judgemental. It’s always curious and respectful…positive and supportive… Everything is done gently, and in a way that optimises my own learning about my own journey… Laura has a gift. She can introduce some woo woo concepts to a very practical and commercially minded person like me and help me see the benefit to my business instead of dismissing it out of hand. A fresh perspective. My own fresh perspective. What more could you want from a coach?

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Lenora B, Canada
Catholic Highschool
Head of Guidance

Laura J Hamilton does what every Guidance counsellor would most want for their students. She courageously utilizes her dynamic personality in making her passion become a reality. Laura is my hero who is not only walking her journey but sharing the hero’s journey with the youth of our 21st century. She is able to inspire our youth of today with the resiliency skills and tools they so desperately need to discover and follow their truth!!!

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Ruth P, England
Nutritionist & Reflexologist

Laura’s ability to identify problem areas and gently question around that area is really supportive, it opens up a whole new way of thinking and I was able to see where my issues lay with her gentle guidance. She suggests “homework” which is important and beneficial to the overall healing and I enjoyed the repetition of that, almost like a daily mantra. They say it takes 21 days for the cells to infiltrate new information and it really does work. I found the therapy healing, restorative and challenging at times but extremely insightful as to my weaknesses.

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Rita D, England
Clinic Manager

Laura is very professional, eloquent and has a good understanding of many aspects of the Esoteric. This is one of my many interests so I was hooked. The reading was in depth and helpful with some life lessons that I could relate to. I followed the daily clearing assignment after my reading and at the end I was aware of a major change in my life. One of my soul lessons was indecision and now I can confidently say NO and mean it! Thank you Laura!

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Bonnie T, Canada
Medical Receptionist

The reading I had with Laura helped me understand the difficulty I’ve had deciding on anything over the last 10 years. It was reassuring to understand I have the power to create my own outcomes through choice and having the insight I gained from this reading has helped me understand the qualities my soul is most abundant in so I can use them to create abundance for myself! Soul Realignment has given me some peace from the negative mind chatter that used to hold me back as well. This reading helped me develop a more positive outlook on life and about myself.


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