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Happy End To 2021: May You Find Clarity In Purpose

“Greater love than this hath no man, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Blessed ones, this is not speaking of death but of a vibrant life lived—lived truly to convey the fire of my heart to all. This is the meaning of being a disciple who is called apostle, instrument and messenger of light, conveyer of that light.” – Jesus Christ

What does it mean to lay down our life?

What does it mean to read the words of one who lived their life before us and to take it as ‘the word’ when the way we apply those words become ‘the way’ to our ultimate salvation?

I don’t mean that in a resurrection of Jesus Christ kinda way, I mean that in a resurrect the Christ flame within kinda way.

I’ll disclose that I do not adhere to any one religion, mystery school or tradition so take all of what I offer as an out-of-the-box expression of my BS (Belief Systems) from years of devoted study as I prepared the PhD project that had no program to follow because I am here to bring something new into existence.

And what I know for sure is that the same is true for you in your own way too.

For a time I was a Keeper of the Flame with Summit Lighthouse because of my connection to Michael Seegers who I produced and hosted “The Michael & Laura Show” with. We produced and hosted 29 episodes in 2021 which cover a range of spiritually oriented topics that I let Michael answer based on his years of experience with the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

Because of these efforts I also got involved with CUTAC (Church Universal Triumphant Association of Canada) where I was part of a committee that put together a resource I used to narrate the first three books on the site which you can hear on the site. Another member of the committee, Françoise Lapchuk and I cohosted weekly meetings to complete the first three pillars of 4. You can enjoy the whole meeting from each week on this playlist (which features a few other great books too) or you can use these links to listen to the edited reading of just the chapters here:

The Human Aura by Kuthumi. Chapters 1-6 (READ ALOUD – PART 1)  +       Chapters 7-12 (READ ALOUD – PART 2)

Saint Germain on Alchemy: Formulas for Self-Transformation. Book One:Studies In Alchemy Chapters 1-4   +     Chapter 5-9

I have yet to revisit the third pillar for editing as I did with the first two pillar books, but I’ll be getting to that soon enough and look forward to sharing that process with you when I do!

The point to all of this is that there’s a lot of doubt and skepticism about the “New Age Movement” and sacred information has really got a bad reputation because people don’t understand it so are scared of the unknown. There’s also a tendency for leaders to drink the koolaid of the gestalt they’re in without knowing it and get overwhelmed by the hidden expectations that were in the fine print. Earlier today I went live on YouTube and Facebook to read “The Santa Claus Gestalt” so I’ll get that edited and reposted soon.

I’ve stepped away from being a keeper of the flame because I want to make sure I’m not tying my soul to any mystery schools, traditions or cults that will bind me to any entities in subsequent lifetimes as I’ve been a Soul Realignment Practitioner since 2013 and knew better than to make a vow I’d have to undo in the next life, but I did it anyway because I wanted ‘to do my part’ in building back better.

Where do you think the concept of the video game came from if it was not the creator creating a smaller cage it can control?

You are G.O.D embodied in form with untapped and unexpressed creative potential that is waiting to be activated by you.

You are an individuated expression of the divine creator source that is creating a reality in the flesh based on the (un)spoken word of the Grand Overall Designer that creates through you.

The God spark within goes through this process of evolution through living rightly and it’s called life.

The teachings of the Ascended Masters offer a lot of great resources and as I do my year end file clear down and organization today I see all the downloads saved on my computer that come from Michael, CUTAC and the teachings for which I am grateful for them all. Shambhala Temple of Light is the group Michael founded for seekers of the sacred and I am grateful for the community I got to be part of where nothing was required of me except that I show up if I was able to.

I tried to share that experience with others who were interested, so I hosted several zoom meetings streaming the Beginner’s service on Saturdays at 7pm (under livestream) where the group decrees together with Michael and the recording of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and other ‘chelas of the path’ before a dictation by one of the Prophets, who founded Summit Lighthouse.

What I know for sure is that truth is resonate and passion is felt.

What I also know is that angels and higher guides will not intervene on our behalf without us asking them to do so because they understand the karmic implications of interfering with free will. It comes back on them (light in reversal) if they jeopardize your ability to lawfully self-govern without interference, just like it does on the de facto government we presently have at the helm of our society who are fulfilling a destructive evil agenda I believe many of us have come here to ensure does not go as pre-scripted.

I believe I am here to be a messenger of the way of the Christ, not because I’m perfect or always get it right but because I care enough to find out what didn’t work so I can change how I show up or do things so I get more favourable results moving forward.

I don’t believe I’m unique in that claim because I believe we are all Earth Angels who have come to remember that the man called Jesus in “the good book,” as many call the BIBLE, had a different name when he was alive and spoke out against the very thing that book turned his life into: a religion for profit to a few for rallying the masses to uphold and promote the story in his honour.

Selling has got a bad rap for a long time and many say they hate selling. But don’t we realize that every interaction with another being is a transaction of energy for energy without a common current-see.

Every idea must be sold in order for it to have value and what we have to realize with real eyes to see lies of the oblivious made obvious when the pressure of remaining tight in a bud finally hurts more than the fear of unfolding and trusting the process.

The man many refer to as Jesus laid down his life for the sins of his brothren, which has roots in the word German, which take us to an interesting point in the rabbit hole of what is happening right now.

What if in the last world war it was the Germans (brotherhood) who surrendered, not the Nazis?

What if the Nazis just turned their operation covert and placed officers in high ranking positions within all the alphabet agencies around the world who have high levels of approval because we’ve come to revere agents in black, especially those who wear a wig and act like they have all the power when at the end of court it is the court clerk stamping and approving the day’s affairs which means it’s really the man or woman acting in that position that has the most power in that courtroom.

It’s just often the ones with the most power that doesn’t realize it until it’s too late.

Too late because when we give so much of our power to BS outside of ourselves then it’s really hard to move our will in a way that feels good because the control and compression make moving awkward and embarassing so we hold back when really we shouldn’t.

It is about living fully and that means moving freely.

When the Not See Operation went covert and subliminal tactics were used to brain-wash the people with propaganda that moved into the comfort zone of the masses to be programmed while in our most suggestible state of consciousness possible.

It’s insane to me that we’ve been trained to think technology or someone else is going to have something better to tell you than what you could come up with yourself if you actually gave yourself space to find the idea from within. Yet we’ve all bought into programming devices at some point thinking they were in our best interest before finding out they weren’t and we gained a new addiction in the process.

Life can be cruel and far too many of us are not seeing the bigger picture because we’ve been compartmentalized into box people living in boxed communities that aren’t connected and we’re wondering what the problem is.

The problem is that we’ve stopped being neighbourly or loving or supportive in the main.

We’ve become complacent and closed off to opportunities that might move emotion and have our strong front crack in public. We just don’t think our reputation can afford it so we’ve learned to hold back and deny our emotions, when the reality is that what we’re really doing is fragmenting and splintering off aspects of ourselves that we would be well served to call back if we’re truly going to be in integrity (wholeness) with ourselves.

It’s the end of 2021 and as I organized my notes, documents and files in my space this week I discovered that I’ve sent out 15 notices this year regarding the summons my person got for speaking at a rally in April (in Simcoe of all places!!!) and I’ve also made a claim against the man acting as prosecutor for bringing a false claim against me by not acknowledging my lawful notices where I claimed the right to not be a surety for my person (trust account) which the government created the definition of therefore they own the rights to their property, so to speak.

But as I’ve also showed in my notices, by their own legislation, slavery is no longer permitted and it’s time to stop going along just to get along.

That isn’t to say this is permission to go out and be an asshole just because you’re tired to being respectful to others at the expense of being honest to yourself. But it is permission to finally deal with your emotions so when they show up you aren’t trying to push them back down while you miss big things because you just aren’t present.

One of these big things is remembering who and whose you are which is why I’m hosting a call Sunday January 2 at 8pm EST on “The Kingdom of God is Within You SUMMIT: Becoming The One.

It’s a long one I know and doesn’t include even a fraction of what else happened over the last year internally on a self-image perspective but I suspect the growth is apparent because I feel so different about myself now than ever before.

I’ve finally figured out that my people over profits approach may be countercultural in the current culture we’ve been giving our power to, but what would happen if we all consciously chose to put our energies into creating a culture that would better support us and create a world of connected men and women.

The teachings of the ascended masters call that the Antahkarana and Benjamin Creme has some insightful info on this page:

I believe it is time for us to see how everything fits together in the bigger picture when we see how much we all matter in the scheme of things. When we see that it is we who pay for the sins we do to one another in exchange for the lifestyle our participation brings with it?

It feels pretty sick to me, to be honest, that we live in a world where the working ones are prisoners who are paid to maintain rule over men and women who got roped in by the system and didn’t know enough how to self-advocate to break the spell before the curse was cast.

Sounds pretty whimsical until we realize (real-eyes) that words are spelt so when you want someone to make something clear to you, you’ll ask them to ‘spell it out for me’ plainly… and yet we don’t see how our words, by their very nature, are spells.

We don’t real eyes that cursive handwriting isn’t taught in schools anymore because if the next generation knew how to write (right) in cursive writing, then they’d be able to read it too. And an educated masses at a time when the greatest deception ever conceived is actively playing out would be a dangerous thing which is why they have guises and rouses devised to ensure even those who do see the truth can be discredited before they save those around them who get nervous by the resonate they feel.

It’s time to wake up from the Ma-Trix that has us all about me and mine at the expense of ours for if we isolate ourselves and live in FEAR, which is a contracted state and no longer can we afford to play small just to fit in.

To fit into what?

That is the question I dare you to ask yourself as you step into 2022 with eyes wide open.

I hope you will also dare to keep your heart wide open too because that is how you will feel the resonance of truth in things because it will either resonate or it won’t and we’ll be able to make up our minds accordingly.

Recognize that rejection is sometimes the Universe’s way of not allowing you to abandon the track you are meant to be on.

And also recognize that we all have a reason, season or lifetime to give opportunities so we don’t need to judge ourselves if something doesn’t turn out to be the forever binding agreement we made with another soul that then ties you together in future lifetimes too? No thanks, I’ll pass on that karma acrument and instead focus on cutting karmic ties and weights so that I can show up more fully in the moment and feel my way to safety.

I believe that 2022 is meant to be the year when we drew nearer to one another and talked about things that matter, like how to stand as men and woman in our private capacity with all common law (unwritten) rights reserved at all times without being confused with our legal fictions (personages) that would have us think that we are less or other than we truly are.

Would love to hear your reflections on this blog so please do leave a comment and New Year wish for me and mine too!

It’s just me, Papa, my cat and a few friends to end this incredible year with but that’s more than enough love to one woman’s heart to handle for the moment. I’m too excited by the space transformation I’ve given myself that I’ll show a picture of tomorrow after this creative spree has run its course!

Enjoy the end of this year and take the lessons it had for you with you so that you don’t leave any of your emotional states in not-now moments that you can’t really do anything about if you’re not willing to reintegrate the emotions with acceptance.

This is the journey, that we’ll go on in the new year so I encourage you feel into what this year brought you and make a list of it all if you’re willing to make time to do so – what a gift to yourself to give yourself that time! That’s what my space clearing project was for and I’m so grateful I stuck with it as I feel like I’m moving forward on stronger footing that ever before and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned in the process!

Thank you for the year that came before now and thank you for the year ahead that we are called to bring into fruition now.

You matter in the story we are writing together so please remember that if anything super difficult arises. Only the strongest souls were burdened with dense emotions to lift in the reclaimation of them. You can do this and are stronger than you think!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste : The light in me honours the light in you, the darkness in me bows to the darkness in need of love.

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