I Took My Top Off For This One & Why: More About Self-Image Than My Body

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Our self-image is like an elastic band that can be pulled back and stretched to near its breaking point before either flying forward with the momentum of all the backward movement backing it or that simply returns to its original ‘comfort zone’ state without getting to experience flying through the air toward a destination never reached before.

For this reason our self-image acts like a lid on our potential and sometimes that metaphoric ‘glass ceiling’ is way too low for true comfort.

After more than a decade as a certified coach, teacher, speaker with the John Maxwell Team (which got rebranded when the leadership team changed; 2011), English Major (HBA; 2009) and Soul Realignment Practitioner (2013) who has developed my own style that doesn’t fully fit into any existing system, I took my top off to show the scars that came as the result of bad add-vice when I was 15.

While I’m not afraid of being naked or vulnerable in the name of being real and sharing the truth, so far as I see it to be, I try not to use my looks to gain attention unless there’s purpose for it and a message of meaning or substance behind it. I don’t always get it right but I do my best to use what I’ve got access to without causing harm or loss to anyone, or myself, which keeps me on the perfect side of the usufruct we’re all facing.

I wrote about the perfect and imperfect usufruct in The Justinian ConneXion Report I published in March that few have seen despite its significance. I’ll be revisiting it this week to re-view its contents and build off what has already been scribed, which I played with the wording of in the video I took my top off for today, in relation to the trans- agenda that far too many are being mercilessly consumed and spit out by.

By trying to cut out my insecurities, and following bad advice from another who was equally insecure and uncomfortable with sweating, I gained another insecurity plus scars from mutilating my body in the name of feeling better about myself which didn’t work how I was told it would.

Our youth especially, but all of us generally, are being bombarded by cultural perversions that promote identity through gender that are simply genres of sex performed by those who identify with the mental constructs more than the reality they forgot their creative role in creating.

My hope is that this video can open the conversation with those being played in a far bigger operation/game than any of us truly know.

I also hope it might save another boy or girl who is considering mutilating their body in the name of becoming what they wish to be seen as from the pain that comes with it, and the disillusionment that follows the procedure when the self-image remains the same and the body is altered in unrepairable ways. Speaking from my own experience, and in the words of self-image expert Maxwell Maltz:

Changing your self-image does not mean changing yourself, but changing your own mental picture of that self (148). 

Maltz was a world-renowned plastic surgeon who knew a few things about the fallacy that a physical procedure will correct internal conceptions about the self. If you’ve never read his book “Psycho-Cybernetics” then find the full audiobook on YouTube or listen to this 1hr summary here. It would be an invaluable resource for gender-obsessed people to hear before making any decisions that would irrevocably alter their physical form.

Your comments and shares are appreciated as I believe this message could serve as a necessary conversation opener from a different perspective that is truly wrote with a compassionate heart.

With love and respect,

Laura jeH – Namaste

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