Inspired Conversations & Calls To Action… DAY 29 of 66

We are playing a far larger game than the one we give ourselves credit for being part of.
I’ve been sharing a lot of insights on my YouTube Channel recently and with writing the messages for this series as BOTH emails and blog posts, plus recording/editing/posting videos, posting on 4+ platforms and accounts regularly enough to stay front of mind, and doing my best to actually get people to see it all – the algorhythms of Facebook have changed so much that we aren’t even really connected to our ‘friends’ even though they may be making all the noise in the Universe – if you’re not tuned into their station or frequency you’ll miss the boat.
In the day and life of an entrepreneur getting emails out to my existing list has felt less important to me lately and I’ll share why.
I’ve been battling between doing business the way everyone else is doing it and doing it the way that I want to which is, as you may expect based on what you know of me by now, unconventional and edgy. It just seems to be the way I like to live in this world, but it gets me in trouble. What’s awesome is that I’ve come to own that in a whole new way to what I ever could before and that makes me care less, which helps when you become a target of people rebelling the potential change your presence brings to the world!
You are a highly valuable individual with a significant story to share with the world too and you possess insights that hold the potential to change more lives than you could possibly imagine, so long as you get them out where people can be impacted by them.
Being this kind of guide for Soulfull Seekers open to an alternative approach to living your best life is what I’m fully committed to and something I think you could benefit from having a reminder of once in a while too.
The problem is that oftentimes we do things just because at one point we said we would and then we don’t know how to change our mind, without ‘losing face’. Like I shared with starting this series and changing it so I’m only sending these messages out as and when I get to them because I’ve finally found the point of resistance that kept me sideskirting what I really wanted to do.
I’ve finally grasped why doing business as usual isn’t the path for me AND found a way to liberate others into going for ‘the call’ of their Soul despite the darkness of the everyday that may currently pervade their R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.
I’ll share more on that another time but for now I just wanted to offer a video I made after another a message I’m going to start editing and getting posted for you now. This message was the second to be recorded but I think it’s meant to go first so here you go – once the second video is ready tomorrow you can let me know if you agree.
Give people too many options and they do nothing. Give them 2 or 3 options and they choose the one they think will be best for them, not realizing they had more available to them the whole time. I want you to know you have more options than this but I’m hoping you’ll do one or all of the below:
2. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel while you’re there so you get these messages sent directly to you.
3. Share this message or the video with someone that would benefit from the message.
I can’t wait to share what’s coming and am glad you’re here for the ride from the beginning.
I have to say though, things are about to get polarizing and you may want to jump ship. I’ll forgive you if you do, but you’re also more than welcome to stay. It’s better together, especially when you’re with people who share similar beliefs, ideas and desires but express and package them in a different way.
I want to know more about you and what gets you going! Reply with an update or ask a question so I know what you want me to make a future video about! I’m doing lots of them and getting ready to make it even more fun to receive them so let me know what this all means to and for you! Check it out and be sure to subscribe!
Much love,
Laura JeH – Namaste
PS. I can’t believe how liberating it is to realize you don’t have to double do everything anymore because somehow you become aware of greater possibilities… that will come over the weekend… In the mean time check out the video I’d love for you to share with everyone you can think of <3 Thank you for your support!
PPS. November 23 is Julius Romeo and I’s 11th Anniversary – I’d intended to make a post about it but other things took my focus… celebrating soulmates of all shapes and sizes today, and every day! Love you my Boo <3

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