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It’s a BIG Day & Britney Spears Is More Relevant Than Most Realize (SPECIAL GUEST TODAY!)

Oops, I did it again! I wrote an email, that I never sent. O baby!


A parody like that would be pretty epic and completely reflective of the truth for so many bloggers and content creators I am sure, but there is an element of sadness tied to it because of the slavery issues the infamous artist behind those inspired lyrics has been facing with the conservatorship arrangement Britney Spears’ has with her father and a legal team vested in maintaining her captivity under their care. It brings her song “I’m a slave for you” to life in a new way and shows how music truly can tell a hidden story.


I guess Britney Spears in some ways represents a situation where a parent is more attached to success and material gain than their relationship with their child.


The thing that few are speaking about is the way that mental health is used as a tool to control and coerce cooperation within the legal system, particularly with singles, but all this is where our discussion later today may go when we’re joined by at least one special guest!


Debra has been a consistent participant in the Empowering Leaders of Self Mastermind groups that I’ve been hosting simply because I believe we need a place we can use to hold space for our own organic unfoldment to occur in good company. And because she has been receiving such great value from our meetings she reached out to Amandha Vollmer who will now be joining us for the call!


If you are able to join us then please jump on the call at 5:55pm EST when I’ll play Luna Keller’s original song from yesterday’s Album 22 Summit and then we’ll dive into an hour long conscious conversation of a higher caliber with critical thinkers and competent communicators! Join us through the zoom link found on Meetup where you can find all the other upcoming public events listed too.


You’ll also be able to attend the book study I’ll be leading on the first of four pillars of the teachings of the ascended masters which is “The Human Aura” by Kuthumi. Click through to the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United events to see all that is available to you.


As mentioned, I tried to get out an email yesterday that would give you more notice about these calls but it got long and too much to reread and edit and… alas it didn’t make it out. And so it reminded me that instead of long detailed emails, a shorter and sweet series of significance filled messages are best.


I hope you will choose to join us and also check out the Album 22 Mastermind group on July 13 where Luna Keller performed this original track that is still blowing me away!! It’s later in the interview but I’d highly recommend watching the parts you feel drawn to, including Luna’s song around the 42:42min mark!


Beyond grateful to be writing this to you and send you love without conditions.


Respectfully yours,

Laura JeH – Namaste


PS. Had you heard anything about Britney Spears’ Conservatorship case before?? It’s truly criminal what she’s facing and she is not alone, just a celebrity commodity from Holly-wand’s echelon. Saving Britney is not just about her but what her case and life represents so let’s start talking about how relevant this actually is and figure out how to actually help her while also helping ourselves. 


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