It’s Time To Grow Up, From The Inside


We’ve got so caught up in what the experts say and how we think things need to be it seems we have forgot the sound of our own intuition and the larger purpose of life.

It’s an educational experience for our souls, this thing called life, meant to help the One we all come from know itself better through the unique perspective of our lived experience. And as much as it seems modern day parents either want to save their children from the hardships of life by doing as much as possible for them or on the other extreme don’t have the capacity to care for their children at all, we are not doing anyone any favours by trying to save others from realities we are not experienced in.

We are drowning in a pool of ‘done for you’ amidst isles of ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself) projects that we don’t really need if we’re unwilling to let others (or ourselves) make mistakes and learn from them, and so we’ve come to a standstill in our spiritual lives and this pandemic has sent most of us to our rooms to think about where we’re at.

Life as we know it has been flipped upside down by the recent turn of events and all the hand holding we’ve done for the ones we love, or had done for us, has simply left us all confused about which way to turn or who to learn from.

We must be discerning of the opinions we accept and what we do with our own creative nature in the process.

It’s time for us to grow up, regardless of our age or stage, by realizing that we have answers we’re unaware of within. If we keep turning to others for the answers when the truest ones can only be found within then we deprive ourselves and the world of a new solution.

For a long time I thought I needed to have answers and results, and for that reason the first three times I finished my first book (which is still in process) I said each version was ‘not good enough’ because that story reflected my self-image. I hadn’t fully formulated the ideas to where they are now, because that required time and practice, but what I did have was a great foundation. Unfortunately, I let fear trip me up and held them back in the name of making something better but the great news is that I learned from it and can hopefully help you avoid doing the same thing in your own life.

What I’ve learned through that process, which destroyed my former self-image and created a solid foundation on which to build my new one, is that enough is as good as a feast.

It was the journey I needed to take and is where we must all learn to walk, alone at times; knowing that along the sidelines we can gather those who are rooting for our success and want to cheer us on from the furthest point into our own darkness that they are able to go with us.

If you are blessed, these people will include family members, but more often they will be the soul family you gather along your journey who have come here to grow and come to know themselves at a deeper level now too.

This pandemic has opened a door that requires spiritual excavation of the wounds that bound us to our past and saw us carry our history instead of our dreams in our now heavy hearts. It is time to release these fears and make space for the internal parental team who can lead us from within.

It is time to stop blaming our parents for not being what we wished they were, and to become what we needed for ourselves. It is also an opportunity for us to grow into the dreams we have for ourselves, knowing they’re meant to fit a few sizes too big so we have room to stretch and grow into the one we previously hoped would save us. We thought we were afraid of the world and in many ways we were, but what we were equally frightened of was the world that we would be able to create when we turned within and found we actually do have the strength to carry on when things get hard.

Things have gotten hard and they are likely to get harder still.

Now is our chance to pause, take stock of where we are, let go of who we thought we needed to be in this world and instead nurture our relationship with ourselves, for then we will have more to give the ones we love while also offering space for them to make mistakes without swooping in to clean them up right away.

Let children know there are consequences for every choice and they can make mistakes and still be loved.

And give yourself that same grace and space too.

Life is challenging because that’s where growth occurs. Sometimes the most loving thing we can do is let others figure it out for themselves by walking the valley of transformation alone in the Sacred Sojourn of the Soul.

This is where I guide soulfull seekers who are ready to journey within, using a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Practice I’ll break down in detail on my YouTube channel, @Laura JE Hamilton – subscribe today so you’re first in line for what’s to come. And if you’re looking for more personalized assistance then please reach out to and we can arrange a consultation call.

Much love and many blessings,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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