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Hello and Welcome Soulfull Seeker and Conscious Creator!

My name is Laura JeH (@Laura JE Hamilton) and I’m an Empowerment Coach with an Alternative Approach committed to helping soulfull seekers retrieve more of their power so they can stop letting themselves be victims and instead decide to become Warriors with a will and heart to be the change we seek in the world.

If that resonates, stick around because I’ve got a LOT more to share!

DISCLAIMER: Be discerning of all I say and decide what it means 1. to you 2. for you and 3. what you’re going to do with it once you know it. I encourage that because I represent one of so many thought leaders sharing insights and alternative perspectives of life and want you to know we’ve all got an agenda so you have to be clear about who you’re giving your attention to and why.

What are you getting from the people you give your attention to instead of those you don’t have space for?

My intention in all the messages I write to my folk is to expand your perspective through stories, folk tales and legends of days and ones gone by to inspire and motivate those who are now writing the story of their lives that will become part of history if we play our cards right.

It’s so easy to forget that we’re not just here to read about other people’s lives or the battles they fought but are actually intended to go through those trials and tribulations personally because that is what transformation requires.

We’re here to intentionally create our own world that is left better for our having been here, and that can be as grandiose as we please.

Ironically it is often here where we stumble, when we have to make a choice about what to create and then commit to it fully.

Mother Nature knows what full commitment means and shows it through the way an Eagle Mother treats her fledging offspring.

Eagle babies build their wings on the way down because there simply isn’t a safer way to do it. It’s either they jump and build their wings on the way down the day their Mother nudges them to the edge of the nest they were raised in or they will stay and that comfortable nest will become their grave. While the Mother Eagle does her best to nudge them out knowing this is their final visit as a provider, if fear keeps them from jumping on their own they risk dying alone in the nest where they were born, feeling abandoned and sorry for themselves, and unable to find the courage to jump now that there will not be anyone there to guide them once they get to the ground for the first time which can be terrifying.

When we have a trustworthy guide it helps us we feel safer because we have been trained to place our power outside of ourselves and now are being offered a chance to call it back by trusting ourselves to create a life we feel grateful to get to live.

We must consciously create the character we intend to become starting exactly where we are right now.

As long as our ‘defeated leader’ is sitting on the soul throne of our inner kingdom we will feel like life is happening to us and we have no control or power to change it. The unresourceful and ‘defeated us’ want someone to reinforce our helplessness but we need friends and champions in our inner circle who will not agree with this contracted version of ourselves because they can hold the image of who we have the potential to be instead.

If our empowered selves are sat on the throne it is a different story altogether, one full of love, laughter, grace, compassion, heart, gentleness, wit, and faith and that is why your former self-image will fight so hard to hold onto what it’s used to even if the alternative could be way better.

But now we get to choose otherwise.

We get to choose who we will place on the soul throne of our inner kingdom and it has to do with calling more of our soul fragments back from the not-now moments of all time so we arrive back in the moment stronger than ever.

On May 30, 2020 I hosted a Zoom call that was also posted to YouTube and Facebook, leading listeners into the inner kingdom of their emotional past to reintegrate lost, rejected, hurt, hung up and stuck aspects of themselves, along with the lesson those parts have so lovingly held onto for all these years. You can listen to it on my YouTube channel here (be sure to subscribe while you’re there).

Please comment what this post or video means to you and share what soulfull questions you may have for where you are right now. I’m working on some exciting things I can’t wait to share. Be sure to come back soon to see the unfoldment of it all.

Much love and will see you again soon!

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Ever question whether you have what it takes to be a warrior? I did and that’s why this whole system has taken me so long to share but soon you’ll see why it has been worth waiting for. Recognize that your warrior spirit may well be in one of the rooms you previously shut down so go and reintegrate them now, and remember to have fun along the way!

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