Let The Expose Begin On The Justin(ian) Connexion’s Devilish Ways

On Sunday January 22 at 8:30pm EST I am going to tell a story about the Justin(ian) Connexion I’ve pieced together using Romley Stewart and Rohan Lorian’s research into the Justinian Deception and additional connections that we all stand to benefit from exercising as we exorcise evil and the devil has been exorcised from the hearts of good men and women.

Exorcism: the expulsion or attempted expulsion of a supposed evil spirit from a person or place.

When we see that evil is live backwards, literally and figuratively, we will begin to see how the current state of affairs globally are part of an attempted corporatocratic take-over by an unseen entity we mistakenly grew to trust over time and are now being called to expose.

Expose: make (something) visible by uncovering it; reveal the true, objectionable nature of (someone or something). 

This means we are going to venture down rabbit holes that lead to the fox hole and choosing to be offended by the fact religion has been a major ally to the evil that is presently at play is a choice. We live with the consequences of the choices we make and in an energetic reality we have to realize (with real eyes) that the notion of karma reflects the continuous nature of the energy that we are which will change forms throughout our lives without remembering the nuances of each stage unless something jarring stands out to hold part of our energy in that memory.

Written texts are the accounts of people who lived through or imagined things that are described in descriptive language designed to ‘paint a picture’ we can imagine so that we bring it to life, in our minds.

What an untrained eye won’t see when reading words strung together to create whole pictures and scenes for us to have seen and share our account of, ‘after the fact’ is that dogma is our shared cultural beliefs supporting the contribution of the renforcements of things being done ‘just so’ or in a certain way. That’s tradition ‘they’ would say, but who is they?

Belief Systems will thus be referred to as BS throughout this post because I am the woman commonly known as Laura Jeh (of the family Hamilton) who believes I have the right to share my BS about the grammatical deception that a man named Justinian 1 initiated during his tyrannical rule of the Roman empire at an uncertain time in our shared story due to the differing systems used to measure time.

In researching information I’ve been intuitively and situationally called to investigate, exercise and exorcise I have discovered the Justin(ian) Connexion that connects us all through a shared storyline most people are not aware of. In accordance with the heartless nature of a corps(e) orating edicts, mandates and fiats, is it any wonder that one of the MAXIMS OF LAW is It is immaterial whether a man gives his assent by words or by acts and deeds.

We’ve all been told “that’s just the way things are here” for most of our lives and many have become jaded because of it, compelled to fall into line the way we’ve been raised and trained to do, feeling helpless to change the bigger picture because we feel we’re only a cog in a big, well-oiled machine that will carry on without us when we die because “we’re all replaceable” we’ve been taught.

But that is not the case when we consider that the corporate entity we have become cogs in the wheel of can only move by the actions of those working on its behalf in exchange for payment for your TEEAM which is comprised of your Time, Energy, Effort, Attention and Money.

What I realized when I came to a new level of awareness energetically in 2019 during what was deemed a psychotic episode where my perception of energetic patterns was so exciting to me that I wanted to share it all with people who couldn’t see or sense what I did. I wasn’t wrong, I just wasn’t grounded and an ungrounded power-line is a dangerous proposition for those around it and at the time I unconsciously knew it so had intentionally ‘activated’ as many people as I could think to connect with; it freaked a lot of people out and changed their opinion of me because I stopped being a safe and reliable source of familiarity for them. And as much as we love some surprises sometimes, few like the experience of having our trust broken.

The insane part is that our trust already has been broken by the very parental figures we have unconsciously had governing the parental figures who have been the custodians of us in the 21 years leading up to the ‘age of majority’ when we are eligible to reclaim our trust as the beneficiaries of the trust account that was established in your name when your soul incarnated into a physical vessel somewhere on the planet we call home.

This is where the ‘simulation theory’ comes into play and we see that we are playing the Ultimate (video) game with our lives in a reality where the creator owns the creation which means we love creating things, especially hidden things that we can share with only those who we want to know too.

We love sharing things privately with special people because it gives us special stories we can tell one another to lull us to sleep or spark our excitement, depending on the mood and what we’re feeling in the moment we are in which is where all life happens.

NOW is a crucial time in our shared story because we have dogged characters trying to reorder the letters of the alpha-bet we use to spell our words into the New World Order that is part of a one world order led by heartless entities (called corporations) that seek to control, harm, destroy, dominate, and use, like is best portrayed by the original AVATAR movie.

We have to realize that the higher we go in awareness, the further we are able to see energetically, and the NOW is an incredibly magical place to be, especially when we learn how to wield our words wisely the way that I intend to help you be able to do in the New Orderly World this story is a foundational piece in.

I don’t say that because I’m writing the story, I say that because I’ve lived an incredible life so far that has afforded me the luxury of living aligned to my values of supporting those who were most loyal and loving to me throughout my life (my grandparents) while pursuing a spiritual understanding of the world as a mystic without a monastery for the majority of my life.

I write this story because I am born in the year of the rabbit, by Chinese astrology, and I believe that I’ve been called to challenge the box of convention, tradition and capacity because I am the one I was waiting for and it wouldn’t be on my heart to do if I didn’t have the capacity to do it. And so I set out on the path last year when my PERSON was summoned for an offence I don’t believe happened but I was called to stand my ground and learn how to wear the crown of my own corona, so that I can be the one others write about in the story of the times we are now creating.

I do not believe I am special in this claim of specialness for I believe we all came here to lay claim to the energetic resources required to bring about our heart’s desires, and I believe that there is no limitation in supply but only the conduit through which the supply is delivered and to whom demands it. Which is where I dare to share that I believe myself to only be limited by the limitations I am willing to accept or consent to and I am now calling you to accept this reality of greatness for yourself too.

In the words of Marianne Williamson’s poem “Our Deepest Fear” which I am grateful I got permission to use in my book FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW (page 186) “it is not our darkness that most frightens us, it is our light.”

As Canada’s Parliamentary council have declared that legalized infanticide using the Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) Service that proposes sacrificing infants with disabilities is ok, we’ve got to see how CAPITUS DIMINUTIO plays into the converting of us all into irresponsible minors.

This was yet another test that those acting in positions of power have failed miserably for the benefit of what? For what is the point of gaining the world while losing your soul in the process? Let us stop the madness where we are and rise above it together.

As much as you might think I’m about to get on a pro-life soap box I want to let you in on the open secret that those ‘in the know’ aren’t allowed to let any of us who aren’t in on. And it has to do with the conversion game that the Roman Empire has deceptively maintained power using, under different guises which are the logos of logic related to that particular school of thoughts’ BS.

It is time for us to open our eyes to see that the characters we’ve been taught about and the characters we have not been taught about have overlapping aspects that cannot be accounted for by the accounts written to date by ones who were not alive at the same time as the ones who lived were, allegedly.

Allegedly: used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof.

Being as time is not the linear construct that we have been taught and trained to believe based on the tribe we were raised and poured into by, we have to consider the heart-breaking potential hypothesis that the man known as Justinian I who founded the inbuilt deception our whole legal system is based on is also the same man titled ‘Augustus Caesar’ who was the great-nephew of ‘Julius Caesar’ who I have come to believe was Justinian’s Uncle Justin I; that is because ‘Julius’ and ‘Caesar’ were titles appointed to the man known as Justin I who opened the door for Justinian to take over.

Caesar is a title derived from the cognomen of Roman dictator ‘Julius Caesar’. It was changed from being a familial name to a title adopted by the Roman emperors around AD 68, following the alleged fall of the Julio–Claudian dynasty.

A ‘Roman dictator’ was described as “an extraordinary magistrate in the Roman Republic endowed with full authority to resolve some specific problem to which he had been assigned. He received the full powers of the state, subordinating the other magistrates, consuls included, for the specific purpose of resolving that issue, and that issue only, and then dispensing with those powers forthwith.” Which is similar to the role of magistrates within the legal fiction who act in administrative courts to move paperwork across tables like cards, chips or icons in a game, transferring power between departments without identifying with the real man or woman on the other side of that paper-work they do to afford the life they have with their loved ones ‘outside’ the private quarters of the business housing the entity and its property.

This is why we’ve got to see the proper t in property is lower-cased because it allows the letter t to remain open to flow without interference energetically, just as the lowercase i keeps its head about it compared to when boxed in top and bottom as when we capitalize the I.

Freud’s work around the id, ego and superego comes to mind because it reflects the collective consciousness that believe the lie hook, line and sinker in the ultimate cat and mouse game, also known as the David and Goliath story.

Each of us are represented by the character of David in the ring of our own life (which is our torrodial field) and keeping the corporate entities (logos) that have been feeding off of our identities alive is the goal of Goliath’s character, who represents a Kingdom ruled by a small man who chose his best player to face off with David.

When my person was issued paperwork I did not consent to receiving from a man claiming to be ‘just delivering paperwork’ regarding an alleged offence I believe I was wrongly accused of when I claim I caused no offence by what I said and actively tried to resolve the matter privately using more than twenty notices that went unresponded to, as well as a claim that may not have been filed as it was meant to which incriminates another woman acting within the court whose public duty it is to perform the duty my lawful notice tasked her with. Which takes me back to the role of the Magistrate and why we must be willing to believe the words Jesus allegedly said: “i am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the  Father except through me.” [John 14:6]

Romley Stewart and Rohan Lorian have helped me see how the reference of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit reflects the perversion of Belief Systems that teach children they need a middleman to connect with their creator. That’s BS and I don’t know how many lifetimes my player (avatar) has come back to this plane of consciousness to say this and be burned at the stake for it but I will not go down without helping my people understand the cross is a fictional illusion that was designed to capitalize on your ignorance and naivity to believe in the gnosis of the ghosts feeding off the hosts through fear.

Gnosis is knowledge of spiritual mysteries and stems from Knoxis for knowledge, or someone said to be an ‘avid learner’.

I believe I’ve come to do my part to expose the Justin(ian) connection between the BIBLE and the symbolic stage player leading the de facto usefruct UNIDROIT corporate powers that allegedly can direct self-governing natives of the lands it has infiltrated all the systems of.

Justinian I (also titled Augustus Caesar) is the founding father of the greatest deception of all time and in tomorrow’s call I am going to lay out the discoveries I have made by connecting the characters as the dots help us do when we better understand the bigger picture and who fits where within it.

Let’s start by getting clear about the elements of a name generally before we get into the specifics later on.

Our first name is referred to as our Nomen. Middle names we sometimes use but that are part of our ‘full name’ in our own mind, and natal chart, are called Pronomen. And our legal (family) name is known as our Cognomen or surname, because it is where the real part of our name bonds with the legal fiction of ownership being operated by one of the greatest covert human trafficking, slavery, racketeering and general destruction of life operations that have been constructed since the last time we tipped the scales of power and the Earth rebalanced herself.

That is precisely what we are now going to do using the “True Game Theory” I am laying out and coining, just in the knick of NOW.

It’s going to rock your socks so get your shoes off so you can ground outdoors while you read this, or at least get inspired to try doing so without walking on soles we weren’t making the soul connection to while wearing a barrier between us and the heart beat of the mother that naturally regulates us if we’ll let her. I can help you with the energetic component of getting grounded and back in your body another time but first I want your vessel to remain safe which is what I hope this tale helps you put into perspective with awareness of the discomfort that arises as you go through it.

Before you begin I would recommend you get a physical journal you can take notes in because with the way domain names change within the virtual domain or REALITY SYSTEM it’s a good idea to make notes about what stands out to you so that when people ask why you sent them something you have a summary to reference that also refreshes you in the process of ‘filling them in’.

Tomorrow I will share the details of the storyline I am still piecing together at 8:30pm EST on a call I’m calling “The Justin(ian) Connexion” and I want to tie the big picture together in a legible way that helps us consciously reach the tipping point in collective consciousness that will ultimately expose the metaphoric Wizard behind all the screens we’ve been idling our eyes on while we idolize the ones who’ve worked their way to the place where movies are made and people are hired to play the featured roles.

Elephants are ate one bite at a time, as crude as the expression goes, and so it is that I will leave you with a video I hope is compelling to you in advance of what we’ll cover on tomorrow’s call.

With love and respect,

Laura Jeh – Namaste

PS. I read this blog outloud in a LIVE video that you can check out here if you want to hear the way I tell the tale as I just did. And if you wish to support me on Patreon so that I can continue my creative efforts I would greatly appreciate it <3

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