May 2024 Be The Year We Took Our Power Back From All The Masks & Shell Corps(e)

It is clear what needs to happen for us to win this war against ourselves and the cells (domains) we invest our power into during a mixed war of con-fusing me-as-u-res between the metaphoric David and Goliath that we are in our own lives, just as Neo was in the Matrix when he stood up to the Smith Agents in the movie that was meant to trigger and activate those who watched it, the way subliminal programming does. And so I am launching a course on Udemy before year end that covers the most interesting and insightful territory of the awakening journey from a whole-i-stick (holistic) perspective and stance that I have pieced together in 2023 in a process that disillusioned me.

I’m also asking for help.

I bought a lot of copies of my first book FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW because I was told that was the best deal to expand my profit margin and I took the hook, bait, line and sinker and signed away more than $10k (k meaning thousand) to pay for a bulk order that has become like the metaphoric Albatros that Bill Lishman referenced in his book that I narrated earlier this year (FATHER GOOSE) which is another story for another time.

Now I’m asking for help in moving these books and repaying the private loan I took out from my Papa to cover the half I didn’t have when the price of 1500 books was shared to show him I was a good bet after all… and in exchange for buying a copy or few of my book to equip you (and those you love) with the required text for the MASTERmind Challenge launching in the new year (according to the Gregorian Calendar that we currently follow), you will get to better understand what I now believe is the backside of the prism system that we’re in.

The Gregorian Calendar specifies which time scale is being used to track the stated new beginning and reflects the keepers of the ledger of time as we know it which is a tricky thing indeed. So let us instead focus our attention onto the Challenge details laid out are here:

January 1st begins the daily sections from the course in REAL time, with an acronym for the word real and the constant reminder of the destiny or fate we make for ourselves and our cells by the choices we make in the present moment with our wyrd that will have lasting repercussions for us and those who come to and through us.

I’ll be posting my brand new “Leveling The Playing Field: An Ode To L’auralease” course on Udemy for just $22 CDN so it’s affordable for anyone honest with themselves about whether they’re willing to back a earnest desire of positive change with your TEEAM (which stand for Time, Energy, Effort, Attention and Money). You can also purchase both this course and a copy of my book for $44 which is an investment into the descansos this course combination could be for you if you’re willing to put in the effort to seriously comprehend the meanings of things and the need for you to be the Master of your own mind.

Last night I made a fun little song to go along with my plea for support by being part of the journey inward, in good company, while discontinuing being wards of our own INNER kingdoms and I’d love for you to leave a comment there to let me know you’re committed to making 2024 the year we grounded the highest timeline of being free to love without limitations, obligations or unachievable expectations.

I reckon we take back the original acronym for SMART as Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound instead of the Surveillance Monitored Analysis Reporting Technology that 15minute cities would have where Big Brother truly would be watching everything within its domain of surveillance.

Re-establishing community connections of care and compassion that can support one another in taking back our power to create in a world that wanted us to believe the myth about our powerlessness is vital now more than ever.

We are powerful beyond measure, for it is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most, Marianne Williamson’s poem Our Deepest Fear quite rightly pointed out.

And so it is that I’m hosting a Challenge to disconnect your sense of identity from as many of the identities that you’ve been hosting a lower consciousness for and on behalf of, to empower a vampiric system filled with people willing to step on other people to get to the top of the pile, and together we’re going to get back to being people that place people over profits by false prophets propagating fear in various forms. It’s an atrocious visual to bring to mind yet we have all largely come to believe that “it’s a dog eat dog world out there” and “that’s just the way things are done around here” as a mentality for why it’s ok to continue harming others for the sake of a liege-lord or vassal who make us the villains that villeins were made to be while acting for their top man.

It’s time to weed out the underlying tensions within communities so egos stop destroying one another’s pro-files on the platforms used to connect with people cared about or who we want to be connected to because we love getting to connect on common ground in real life.

Community is essential in a way corporations couldn’t acknowledge without creating opportunities for warriors to unite and connect with others willing to stand together with others on common ground like we are being called to do now at our first PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Festival of PEACE in the new year (details coming soon) is calling people from all tribes, cultures, sects and groups to gather and feel welcome so long as overtaking or domination is not intended.

Bullying and inconsiderate usery of others is no longer an accepted way to be in a world where it has become so common place that we don’t hardly contest mistreatment anymore but the example our younge ones are seeing compared to what they hear the same adults telling them to act like are mismatched, confusing and disheartening.

Karpman’s Drama Triangle points out there are three positions within the triangle that get played like musical chairs within this disempowering dynamic, those being the victim, bully (persecutor) and bystander (rescuer) characters, archetypes or personas that we take on for a time but eventually shift out of if we’re willing to train ourselves to be respectful of ourselves and the temple(s) we came here to responsibly husband and steward over the care of.

The land, air and water are also territories we came here with a shared responsibility and duty to protect, defend and nurture (these aspects of reality) to ensure their continuation, except we didn’t notice the counterfeiting of these things to specify and therefore limit us in the name of something or someone outside of our cells.

We are each responsible for turning a blind eye while pirates rape (fruct) and plunder (abuse) our trusts using Trusts that have been created in the likeness and image of the original they are implied to be, like our person is used to do.

We cannot afford to allow the corporations to counterfeit more and more of our homelands that is now the territory up for grabs by the highest right of claim that we share an equal responsibility to care for by making the connection between caring for something and having a relationship with that thing for which we come to care.

I have much to share but will leave it there until I can share the Christ=mast Day Bonus Course Offer I’m creating now.

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Details of de tales will be shared in our PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Assembly group on Telegram.

So, now that I’ve shared all that… I look forward to your conscious comments on any of my videos and to also seeing your participation in the Telegram group chat group where iron sharpens iron every day! 🙂

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I can’t even hardly believe that I get to be the one to offer this but I am grateful to know what’s coming and how we can change the doomed outlook and supposed trajectory we’ve been pro-missed by the pros that can miss without punishment so long as they are addressed by the public position they are holding.

PPS.If notice is given to the public thing that our person or position is within the corporate (con)struct(ure) we are operating within, then any one can technically be passed ‘the thing’ to hold or drop at the discretion of the one doing the job or holding the ‘hot potato’ in public office.

If notice is given to the man or woman sometimes acting in a public capacity, but always free to follow our own will, in their private capacity then the suit of liability protection extended to the creations of the creator of the domain does not cover the ones acting in the role.

Notice that if we remove the Agent we lose the 3rd person pronouns that invite a third party into a private dynamic all together by bringing with it expectations, requirements, duties and obligations for the sake of benefits we have to ask for from public servants who are supposed to work to make our lives not better not systematically more con-fined.

PPPS. If we learn how to re-main the main character in our own story then we can maintain use of 1st person pronouns like I, me, my, us, we, ours which is all in-compassing of gender specific pronouns that identify us by the BS we show allegiance and affiliation with through the name brands, logos and signs that we wear and brandish around using pur-chased merchadise.

That’s what we’re going to be covering in the New Year New You experience which will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

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