P.S. The B.S. of Empowerment

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Empowerment is about inner strength, self-esteem and belief in yourself, but not just for your own sake. Empowerment is about knowing what you stand for and having the strength to do what’s necessary to fight for, defend and support it, for the greatest and highest good of all, not just one.

It’s about realizing that we can have power without being empowered and we can be empowered without a position, title or rank. True power lies in who we are and what we stand for because if we fail to stand for something, we will fall for anything.

That said, we must acknowledge and overcome the unspoken PS that starts and ends every story until we become aware of it and it’s something I refer to as ‘Parapet Syndrome’.

Parapet Syndrome (PS) is the fear of getting too big for our britches and becoming a target of public attack, and so instead of going for what we really want, we tone ourselves down and hide behind the false walls of social convention and acceptability that are supposed to keep us safe.

If you’re new to the term, a parapet is the high and low points along the edge of a building, drawbridge or castle wall that could be hid behind for protection during an attack or battle, or that simply add decorative appeal while providing a false sense of strength.

When ducking for cover we move slower and more cautiously, focusing on the agenda of those ‘out to get us’ instead of on what we’re working toward. Firefighters are even trained to beware of parapets because these false walls are not weight bearing so they can’t brace a ladder against one in a fire without putting themselves, and others, at risk.

Many people live their lives ducking behind these walls of social expectation and convention, holding their authentic brilliance back in the name of fitting in and being liked.

This PS has made victim consciousness more widely accepted than standing fully in our brilliance and until we are willing to take a stand for possibility we will continue re-creating a reality that only serves those that are able to stand behind the beauty of their dreams.

As we peel back the veils on BS (Belief Systems) we accepted before we had a conscious mind to discern the information we were buying, and even those ideas we agreed with after we did, it’s essential to become more intentional about where we invest our energetic resources because as you say yes to more you will also have to say no to more and you will encounter those who judge you for it. Even you may judge yourself for it at times.

Be gentle with yourself knowing that you have done the best you could with the level of awareness you had, and now that you know better you can do better.

Trust that is enough.

Empowerment is having the heart to not only want to make a change for the greatest and highest good of all, but actually being willing to do something about it. Be willing.

That is what PEACEFULL INNER Warriors are. Ready and willing to be fully present when the moment arrives.

God bless!

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