Peer Support on the Pier in Port Dover TODAY @ 2pm + Sending love!!!

Yesterday was an absolutely incredible day because six of us and a puppy showed up at Wellington Park in Simcoe to gather and connect with fellow community members. We did a short message as a few more familiar faces showed up to connect and get to know 3rd party connections we hadn’t yet met.

I wrote a whole email that I was about to send out when the browser closed and my efforts last night and this morning preparing it for you were lost.

But instead of getting upset I’m just writing a shorter version of what you would have otherwise got now.

Today at 2pm I’ll be down by the Pier in Port Dover where friends and fellow PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United will assemble to connect with community members willing to show up and contribute the gift of our presence to the community of Norfolk County that we call our native homeland, strong and free.

Peer Support on the Pier is a monthly meetup for sharing personal experiences with others who could benefit from hearing our stories and to being heard, and to know that things will turn around for them in time too. It’s about offering mentorship, guidance and a willing ear to unravel the twisted tales we’ve spun our lives into when following others at the expense of our own desire.

It can be when we feel most broken internally that our words of strength and courage to show up brightens someone’s day, week, month and helps them turn their life around. So do it for them and the part of you that wants a chance to practice your (self) leadership skills!

We’ve been taught that life is all about the big events and occasions where everyone wants to be seen and noticed for being present once the party is going but not everyone trusts themselves enough to break the ice early on in the game. It’s like the dance floor everyone is happy to have started but one brave soul always has to step up and get it started, either alone or with a crew.

Life is the big event, it just happens to be like a festival for our soul with a range of experiences to choose from; from Burning Man Festival to being locked in prison because we’ve never been taught how to get out of the trap that has been set for us each at birth, we get to experience a gamut of emotions and experiences if we are willing to follow our heart and stay true to your highest self and the greater good.

What is cool is to see how we can create our own equivalent right here where we are, starting by getting to know who is who in our community and what skills we have to offer the world.

Organizing, promoting and cohosting growth-oriented events seems to be one of my gifts that I hope will shine bright enough today for us to attract other lighthouses to ‘get sparked/activated/triggered’ to go back to their environment and shine their light with more intentionality in between these monthly meetings!

I haven’t put too much energy into promoting these yet because these first few meetings have been about laying the foundation for the younge leaders these meetings are meant to attract.

You have skills unique to you that the world and our common community could benefit from so please do us the favour of coming out to connect with men and women, of all ages, on the Pier at 2pm TODAY!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I feel overflowing with joy, love and excitement that I hope gets showered over your energy field as a collection of cleansing and purifying colours that help you return to your natural state of vibrancy and bliss.

Just feeling someone could benefit that visual cue for a pause and visualization process.

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