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It’s easy to fall off the ladder and fail to get back on the rungs to climb back where we…

Today I’m holding myself accountable to get my own SPECIAL Practice officially started! As I figure out how to advocate…

After everything that went into editing the message I recorded myself reading live before it disappeared with the refresh of…

So my friend Chantal and I took in our Oaths of Allegiance to the post office, without masks, on Thursday…

As a spiritual teacher and empowerment coach I am continually taking courses that expand my perspective and increase my awareness…

Sovereignty is having supreme power or authority and we have forgot we are sovereign beings above all else. We have…

January 19 we will gather in the name of health, wealth, abundance, prosperity, and togetherness – before the American Inauguration…

I feel like some strange mixture of Khalessi and Braveheart and all the other hero archetypes who feel that peace…

As I walk past the shack I grew up believing was the three bears’ cabin, I encourage you to realize…