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Proud To Be A Maniac: There Is No Box Built Big Enough For Me

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I am the woman commonly known as Laura jeH as my online personae who claims the right to declare the term maniac has been highly misunderstood and punished due to unfamiliarity.

It’s time for us to collectively shift our story from an insecure story about our sense of enoughness to finally reach the point of having ‘had enough’ of the BS that’s been going on for far too long now and we’re going to cross the bridge back to the land of being real.

It is time to see that the best leaders have to balance on the edge of mania in order to stay enthused enough to rally the spirits of the troops and those looking to them for an example of how to feel in the moment which is where we really need to see the power of sympathetic resonance and how it ties into everything in an unspoken way.

Now is when we get to see that the nervous system connection to all the anxiety issues that are socially prevalent because we have become a culture of people who connect through our wounds instead of finding our strengths and then relating from that place of empowerment. Some can handle it but others can’t, especially those who have maintained an image of us that we long ago outgrew and feel offended when brought back without our consent, yet then it just becomes a power struggle of past identities to present realities and relationships and we see how it all fits.

In this self-image transformation series throughout the month of February I am sharing the best that I have to offer and tonight’s Life Skills training at 6:30pm EST is going to be the first of its kind where I share the best insights I’ve discovered for younge leaders to jump onto and find community connections within the community we’ll create within the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United training we’ve been growing organically for years.

The proverbial ‘we’ feels appropriate as the acronym and group were figments of my imagination that I brought to life by taking action and creating groups based on inspired ideas and others joined in.

I would love to be able to find a way to connect with younge people who are willing to hear the naked truth behind the ‘May Tricks REALITY’ we’ve been living in and what that even means, plus what we can do about it.

It’s an exciting time to be alive and I’m looking forward to our call tonight which you can get the details from on Meetup where I always post all the upcoming events (of which there will be more in the flesh events happening soon)!

That feeling of excitement that bubbles over and infects others with a feeling of enthusiasm and positive expectation that life could be as magical as we think might be possible, and then we find that we’re right because positive expectation is how we take action steps toward that which we desire and then get called ‘lucky’ when we eventually hit out target (goal).

And that’s where we get to the foundation of this email and the feelings described as maniacal. What is a maniac?

Maniac: “a person exhibiting extreme symptoms of wild behavior, especially when violent and dangerous. In psychiatry it’s described as “a person suffering from mania (which is described as “an excessive enthusiasm or desire; an obsession.”

Maniac (from Greek μανιακός, maniakos) is a ‘pejorative (expressing contempt or disapproval)’ for an individual who experiences the mood known as mania. In common usage, it is also an insult for someone involved in reckless behavior.

And that’s when I want to introduce the concept of the Tarot from the perspective of telling a story about all the characters we get to meet along our journey through the cycles and seasons of life using the major arcana of an occult tool for piecing together signs from the universe using the story of the Tarot characters whose meanings we understand because I’m going to break it down for you over the next month, one character per day which feels reasonable.

At the same time I’m going to see in my own awakening story as to how I went through the hero’s journey and the major arcana that led me to now. And I’m psyched to be able to share a bigger picture than what I had at the time I thought I knew more than I did.

I have been learning how to ride the energies in motion that move within me when I let myself move through uncomfortable emotions without taking things personally as best as what I can, and I’m willing to be vulnerable and transparent about it so that we can all heal from all that we’ve been going through up till this moment.

Today is the first day which would reflect the Fool in the major arcana deck of the Tarot which is an email of it’s own to be delved into when it’s possible but for now I’ll simply say that when the fool is ungrounded while trying to share high level spiritual insights it can seem like an ungrounded power cable that has blew off it’s regular circuit and is causing mayhem to the environment around it. And I’ll admit I’ve been that ungrounded power cable doing damage to my environment but I’ve been doing my best the whole time nonetheless.

It’s time to realize that when we don’t understand what mania is then it’s easier to get freaked out by it when that’s really not what it’s about.

I believe that when we reach those heightened states of mania we are really calling back wild and untamed parts of ourselves that are terrified of getting locked away or suppressed again which means we become defensive in unhelpful ways.

And so it is that I suggest we take a moment to reconsider our perspective of mania and maniacs so that we can stop letting ourselves get labelled as something that only reflects one aspect of who we truly are.

It’s time to get real and mania is going to be part of it because it’s exciting and that’s what we need in order to get through the discomfort of change that shows up as a mix of fear and excitement in the same package. So let’s be like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in their song “AND WE DANCED” which I’m listening to in the moment I write this on the 2nd day of the 2nd month of the best year of our lives yet.

Let’s enjoy the the journey in joy with those who love us enough to help us get back to what’s real.

With love and respect,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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