Reorganization Dismantles Before Settling…

2017-02-06 11.07.07

We’re just over a week into the new year and lots of shifts in awareness and openness have been happening for me, and I suspect the same is true for you. What an exciting time to get reorganized and refocused on what really matters!?

Now is the time for us to clear out the remaining clutter that is distracting us from what we want and my writing project over the past two years is part of what I’m working through now.

The book I’ve been creating hasn’t been birthed yet because it’s been teaching me about the limiting beliefs I hold that have not only undermined me but are reflective of the collective consciousness that we’re all part of. While my story is unique to me, it’s also based on a common thread of unconsciousness that I adopted and was perpetuating until bringing it into the light of conscious awareness and deciding to intentionally change.

The story of ‘not enough’ was made obvious to me during my latest ‘dark night of the soul’ experience and is still being unravelled now, from a higher perspective, but unravelled nonetheless.

That is what the Hero’s Journey does to us. It continually brings us to new levels of awareness gained from the steps we took (or didn’t take) along the journey.

In a Mastermind group I’m part of I read the following passage this morning from a post back in November:

“Freedom and ‘the freedom to live’ are not the same thing. The hero of the story might initially go in search of freedom but eventually she comes back around to relationships and reconnection. The hero’s journey is always a story of reconnection in one sense or another. Reconnecting with self and others.” – Megan Macedo

Last year was a rollercoaster because my quest for freedom saw we get weighted down by expectations that weren’t even necessarily true. I disconnected from people, places, situations and opportunities that I’m coming back to now. Writing my first book became an obsession I fixated on and as a result I constricted the flow of it.

With over 50 documents full of excerpts, chapters and material I’ve wrote and rewrote countless times, not to mention the countless pages of hand written notes I’ve made on top, I got overwhelmed by how much I’d done and how little I had to show for it. Or so I thought because of how my critical eye was viewing the situation.

What I’ve learned is that artists often have to create their masterpiece for themselves first before they become the person able to share that masterpiece with the world.

The past two years I was writing for myself, as I unravelled who I knew myself to be. Now, when I get back to writing the book about the transformation of self-image, I’m approaching it from a different perspective and the result will be entirely different because I’ve transformed through the process.

In the mean time I am going through all the work I’ve done to find the gold and share it in smaller bite sized chunks which is how we generally like the metaphoric ‘elephant’ served anyway; one bite at a time instead of facing the whole thing at once.

This is how we own our story and reconnect with our authentic selves.

From this place we can better connect with and relate to others so let’s dive into the layers of ‘stuff’ in our lives to get back to the heart of what matters most; connection is key and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be sharing this journey with you.

Comment below what you’re ready and willing to let go of in the pursuit of your full story and if you’re struggling with something share that too or email me directly at with a topic you’d like me to cover in a YouTube video or blog. There’s a tremendous amount to share and your questions will help me unveil the insights I’ve gained along the way.

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. Failure is only deciding not to get back up when you’ve fallen down. Remember that as each step into unfamiliar terrain comes with risk, it is only when we know better that we can do better. Clearing our path as we go is how we learn and grow along the way so open your arms to receive what you want in the place where what you’re releasing no longer is!

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