Restoring A Sense of Abundance & Completing Summaries of ‘The Artist’s Way’ with Laura JeH

September has always been an exciting month to me because it always felt like an opportunity to recreate my identity when a new school year began.

Now that I’m no longer a student, I’m shifting gears to lead a program designed to guide a limited number of conscious co-creators on a journey inward based on the SPECIAL Practice that has become the framework I use to help people create holistic self-care practices that honour all aspects of us instead of just one or two components. You can save your spot in this PILOT Program by clicking here or join the waitlist if others take action first.

Scarcity selling is a well known sales tactic designed to compel us to focus on the lack and limitation instead of the abundant nature of the Universe.

I point it out now because I just used it with promoting my own program for two reasons: 1. To help you recognize the strategy in practice so it’s easier to see when in action elsewhere, and 2. Because with this being the PILOT version of the program I want a small group of committed men and women who are genuinely interested in showing up and making the most of this customized opportunity to create a self-care practice that will serve you to create a life you love living as I genuinely wish for you to experience.

Now for the final blog on “Summaries of The Artist’s Way with Laura JeH” for this weekly series, this time on the chapter ‘Recovering a Sense of Abundance.’

THE GREAT CREATOR, LUXURY and two exercises on COUNTING and MONEY MADNESS make up this short and sweet chapter which all tie directly into the SPECIAL Practice program because as Julia says “as we acknowledge and invite what feels luxurious to us, we may indeed trigger an increased flow” which actually has nothing to do with the supply source.

The great creator is like the electricity that runs to an outlet and then into the attaching mechanism it then runs through to do what the thing has been made for, whether that be a lamp that produces light from a bulb that is separate and must be monitored, or a power cord that charges a device the end is made to fit. We don’t judge the source for how the connecting cord or component interferes when the flow was ready to go the whole time so why do we judge our potential which is the creative flow always ready to go if we are willing to put in the effort to make a go of it? If a lamp doesn’t have a light bulb in it then it doesn’t matter how much energy is flowing to and through that lamp, it’s not going to produce any light. And if we don’t give our creative inspirations a chance, by acting on them, we become like the bulb-less lamp we judge as inadequate when all we needed to do was put a bulb in (act on our inspiration).

Julia says “most of us harbor a secret belief that work has to be work and not play, and that anything we really want to do must be considered frivolous and be placed a distant second” because “we are operating out of the toxic old idea that God’s will for us and our will for us are at opposite ends of the table.”

I agree with her that “this stunted god concept needs alteration” because what has become so clear to me lately is how god/source/creator is said to be the source of all energy, which would include everything and exclude nothing. So how reasonable is it for anyone to assume that just because (a) text we sub-scribe to that has been translated countless times by scribes/writers we don’t know, nor do we know who commissioned them to do it, judged something as wrong doesn’t mean that it still isn’t part of the whole/all and require love just the same as things that are easier to offer love to.

As Julia says “if you are still dealing with a god consciousness that has remained unexamined since childhood, you are probably dealing with a toxic god” that is based on a Belief System (BS) handed down to you from others who may or may not have critically analyzed the words to see how they have been written as spells we live our lives by, but for the benefit of who and whom?

If we believe that the creator is a critical, judgemental and condemning parental figure then making mistakes can feel dangerous compared to when we view the ultimate guardian of our life experience to love us unconditionally and have our back even when we betray ourselves and act other than we would if we were more whole in the soul and able to act with the power of our full presence.

It relates to a sentiment shared in the LUXURY section that “all too often, we become blocked and blame it on our lack of money… the actual block is our feeling of constriction, our sense of powerlessness” which is why “art requires us to empower ourselves with choice. At the most basic level, this means choosing to do self-care.”

Self-care is certainly a ‘first-world’ concern but that’s because when we’re focused on survival and safety level needs that preceed higher level needs for belonging, respect and self-actualization, in that order within Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of motivational needs, we are so ‘head down’ on the task at hand that we can’t see the bigger picture or focus on the longer term outcomes of our day to day choices.

What I have come to see is the intrinsically linked nature of the ways of this modern www.urld and the ways we have been converted into consumers and lesser things, in the name of ‘becoming more’ that don’t add up outside of the ring we are fighting in. I have laid this concept out in FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW which we’ll be referring to within the program I do hope you will consider joining us for starting September 11 at 8pm EST.

In a relevant and practical way I’ll say that I’m actually preparing this blog early because at the time it would normally be posted I’ll be in Blackstock at the second Soulshine Festival I am volunteering at which means my ability to write this on my usual schedule is more limited than usual. But as per a conversation I had earlier today, and have had many other times before, we all win the lottery every single day and don’t realize it.

Every single day we are the winners of an 86,400 second lottery that we get to spend or invest however we please but none of it is transferrable. All of it will be used until it is not able to be renewed the day that we either fail to wake up or we take our final breath and life as we know it ends.

We could live in fear of this reality or we could see it as the opportunity that it is which is how we seize the day and make the most of the abundance we are freely given every day if we are willing to look up from the tasks we are doing to get back to the fact we are beings meant to be pre-sent where we are while we’re here.

Like with so many things we’ve got confused by what abundance and luxury really are so to bring this summary series to a close I’m going to ask a question ‘as king’ of my domain, just as you are in yours if you’re willing to ask questions instead of offer answers you’re responsible for getting right…

What is your definition of abundance? And what does luxury mean to you?

How can you bring more of those experiences into your day to day life in small ways that bring more peace and joy into your life?

As the winner of 86, 400 seconds this day, as you read these words, I wish for you to realize how blessed you are to be alive to write the script your soul is playing as you in this life. And if you find yourself limited in ways you don’t in-joy, real-eyes you can change the script by creating new story lines for yourself to walk and read aloud (you’re allowed) as you live them.

With love and respect,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. It’s early Friday September 2 as I finish this post because my computer battery died right before I was able to get through the final read late last night and it’s going to be three big days so I needed more sleep than I got when I decided I’d get it done before I left to start the adventure. The picture was taken in the morning before I’d showered and got myself ready to go but I’ve come to enjoy the tracking feature these weekly pictures have become. 

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