S1E9 Out Of The Box With Paul Leendertse

Paul Leendertse is a fellow Norfolk County resident and author of “The Root Cause of Cancer – How to Begin Healing From Within.” Paul’s expertise has always been in cancer prevention and reversal and now he and his wife Aria – who ran the Wheel of Life Healing Center 1.5 hours outside Toronto, Canada up until the early part of 2021 – are continuing their life mission in Switzerland with a new location for their 3-week Cancer-Reversal Residency; we will touch base next time they’re able to join in on a call once they’re settled! With Paul and Aria’s guidance, their clients have an extremely high success rate in reversing many different forms of cancer, including late-stage cancer and those considered irreversible.
Paul is a Level 3 CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and a former Certified Kinesiologist and met after Aria and I connected one day when she came through my till and we had a chance to chat. The Universe works in beautiful ways!

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