Self-Advocating Requires Personal Power & Confidence To Be Different

I hope you’re wonder-full and are enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately!


Tonight I was sat on the porch where I’ve set myself up to work when I can and literally had to pull my chair back to get out of the rain that was being powerfully blown toward me despite the overhanging roof.


It was great to see the much needed rain appear to nurture the thirsty lands around where I have the privilege of living with my Papa. It also felt symbolically significant for what I’ve been working on behind the scenes, doing my best to get out regular videos to my YouTube channel that I hope you’ve already subscribed to, while it’s available, and am doing my best to get better at sending out private messages to you too. Doing my best but don’t always get it right!


Tomorrow may well change some things as speaking out comes with a high cost in today’s world, yet I’m willing to do it anyway because I believe the cost is far greater to do or say nothing for the sake of keeping a false sense of peace in a world that is transforming before our very eyes. And no it doesn’t make me popular in the eyes of many, and has changed a lot of my personal relationships too, but I’ll continue standing for truth, honour, love and justice for both myself and those who cannot do it for themselves (yet).


I am also doing my best to shift that by hosting an event tomorrow at 5pm EST for parents and youth who are willing to say no to the popular opinion of receiving experimental injections for the sake of the greater good. You can view the details for that meeting here.


What I learned from my time as a Community Support Worker with people with dis-abilities in 2019, and my experience of getting locked up under the modern day witch hunt… I mean the Mental Health Act… is that if you don’t know your rights or how to advocate for them you don’t have any.


So if you are looking for strategies, techniques and community to learn and grow with, jump on the zoom meeting tomorrow and I’ll do my best to offer insights I believe may help those on the fence stay on the side of organic health and well-ness compared to the insane mainstream alternative that is costing many more than they bargained for when con-senting to something they don’t fully understand, or inner-stand either.


Yesterday I also shared a video that I hope inspires you to choose love, hope and peace in your heart called “What’s The Point? And Believe Me, There Is A Significant One.”


Looking forward to what comes from tomorrow’s call and how it organically unfolds when like minded hearts and minds come together for the sake of empowering ourselves to do what is required to be the change we seek in this world.


With love,


Laura JeH – Namaste


PS. I posted another interview today that has already got a lot of views due to its controversial nature so would love for you to post your perspective in the comments below that video, should you wish to check it out 😉 I’ll share more about that on Friday as I’d love for you to leave a comment on my “What’s The Point” message included here.


PPS. Thank you for holding strong despite the winds that are upon us all!


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