September Is A Fresh Start – Spaces Of Common Unity Are Calling You!!!

It’s September 1st and the start of a SPECIAL PILOT email program intended to ease your discomfort through the transformation (of self-image) process.
I believe it is a month where we are called to live at a higher level, together as individuals within the same collective, and to help make that possible I’ll be sending you daily insights, stories, updates and links to information that I believe could be valuable for you to be aware of or consider.
When I worked at the gym in Brantford selling memberships I used to say that my job was to sprinkle magick on the members and give them a further self-esteem boost for choosing to bet on themselves by walking through those doors instead of doing something else that might not have helped them honour the temple their soul worships in every day in quite the same way.
When I worked as an unmasked cashier until I was forced out earlier in the year, I considered my job to not only be checking through people’s orders but to break them out of their FEARFULL trance so they could reconnect with the moment in a way FEAR does not allow.
I share this because now I am choosing to redirect my intentional bursts of positive energy toward those who are willing to go within so they don’t risk falling for someone else’s BS (Belief Systems) and get left “holding the bag” in the greatest conspiracy humanity has ever known.
To make sure that doesn’t happen, we need to be connected, in a compassionate way, which is exactly what this opportunity offers.
You can join two online communities to meet other like minded soulfull seekers who realize that if we fail to go within we will go without.
Where Misfits Fit: Home For Soulfull Seekers is a Facebook community I started several years ago where the intention is for us to share inspiring and encouraging resources that help us stay strong when our own transformation takes us to a super dark place! We all think we’re going to die before we reach that next level that comes with higher rent and new neighbours so let’s stop feeling so alone through that metamorphosis.
We also now have a Telegram group so we can dream the new dream together with fellow PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United who are willing to go inward to ensure we don’t go without, for as we correct this corrupted vessel and bring compassionate connection back into the scene, it’s unreasonable to think there will not be adjustments for us to make or the discomfort that comes with change.
It might sound funny but in writing this email I finally looked up the telegram app for my computer and in a matter of minutes the app was added and I just merged another world to streamline my process. That’s exciting to me! I’m not sure whether you can fully relate but I’d love for you to let me know where you’re at, what you’re involved with and who you know that I’d benefit from knowing!
At 10am EST we are kicking off the month with the first PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United SPECIAL Yoga Class with Estie Spivakov from Vaughan! To be in the class and on camera for it, you will need to enter before 10:10am EST as I will be participating in the class and unable to let any late attendees in at that point. The room will open at 10am and we will converse as participants show up on your mats, ready for class. Estie can share some of her background and I’ll be laying out the plan for the SPECIAL Pilot Program too.

Join Zoom Meeting LIVE (You consent to being recorded if you choose to have your video on – please remain muted as we are recording this class and will post it as a replay for others to participate in too):

Meeting ID: 895 9227 6071

Passcode: PEACE

Very much looking forward to walking through this transformational process together and hope to see you in both of those communities of common unity soon (if you aren’t already a member) and on your mat with us!
With love,
Laura JeH – Namaste

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