Stand Up Canada RESOURCES For Those Who Care For Others & Need Protection

On this beautiful fall day, sat on the porch at Papa’s writing as the sun rose into the sky, I received an update from Paula Tucci with Stand Up Canada about the health care workers initiative that is helping those who care for others advocate for themselves without losing their livelihood, as the corporations are trying to do to anyone who does not conform.

Access the resources Paula spearheaded the creation of here and post any comments you may have below so we can address those on the next Notices and Liabilities Call that will be happening later this week – TBA.

For anyone that has not clued into what is happening, this is a corprotacric takeover and if soulless entities are allowed to take over there will be an inbuilt lack of heart and human compassion. And that would be a dangerous world to live in!

As I recorded in one of the messages I made earlier this morning, it is time to understand the mixed war that we are part of by upgrading the kind of roles we are committed to being in the game of life we are co-creating and experiencing now together.

And so it is time for us to get past our own BS so that we can truly do what we came here for which is to set the stage for the New Orderly World that we NOW have a chance to herald in as never before.

What that requires is for us to take personal responsibility for our choices and the things we give our attention to.

We must begin to see our energetic resources as TEEAM players made up of our Time, Energy, Effort, Attention, Money and all the places we invest our focus then become the power plays or failures we often hold ourselves hostage to, until we don’t. Until we decide to take our power back into the NOW moment so that we can use our hand to sign our autograph on the Notices of Liability we are now called to send those trespassing against us and our God-given rights as a man or woman each time they do and it’s happening left, right and centre, in case you haven’t noticed.

I am incredibly proud of Paula for taking the initiative to see a need and then commit to providing practical tools to help the people without asking for money in exchange for her time which is commendable! It is truly a privilege to be connected to leaders who value people over profits and to see her heart to help people stay free and brave is inspiring!

Thank you Paula Tucci with Stand Up Canada for all you are doing at this pivotal time in our story!

We have all paid in our own ways for this crisis that is now upon us, but we get to choose how long we will pay for the irresponsible investments of others before we put our foot down and take charge of where we’re willing to let our lives go.

We all have a choice right now whether to go with the LIE or choose to be FREE.

For FREELY (FREE-LIE) is the spectrum we are all playing within and while only you can choose whether you will focus on being free or on supporting a lie, I know the camp I choose to invest in and am grateful to my fellow PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United who are also choosing to remain FREE!!!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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