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It’s getting better over time, they said to themselves, as the people’s faith and fear fought within them and overflowed into the world too.

What was also growing was the indoctrination into a certain way of living that really wasn’t working but that wasn’t totally broken yet either so no one wanted to take on the responsibility of renovating it into what we actually need. So the people justified their passivity with the cliche “if it’s not broke, why fix it?” and the answer is that if we don’t it will break us the way a system is designed to.

I learned that first hand when I called the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to report the system it stood for and represents is the very thing that’s broken with corruption, abuse, conflict and tribal absconding of personal responsibility but I wouldn’t recommend you do that…

Too many of us are getting caught in the trap of our conditioning and the mind control programs that have been used to make us believe we are less powerful than we actually are. Or that it’s dangerous to be fully powerful for how it makes us a target of public attack.

When I got stuck in the health care system under the Mental Health Act I realized it was the modern day “Witch Hunt” equivalent and must be understood from the perspective of someone who went in with eyes wide open and totally out of my mind which placed me straight into my own heart. No longer was I stuck in the mental matrix we’re taught to play in and instead I’d dropped into my heart and was so in the flow it was almost too magical for any of us.

Children know vibration as well as anyone and I’ll never forget the day I visited my nephew after I returned from a three week sojourn of the soul to Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California that had expanded my energy field and saw me radiating like never before. This was several months before my ‘psychotic episode’ that saw me call myself in, but when I arrived he was eating his supper and it was amazing to see this little energetic being literally lean into the radiance his Auntie was emanating. His soul was savouring the familiarity of unconditional love and radiance and other family present got uncomfortable because they didn’t understand it thinking I must have been on something other than my own high.

In that moment I understood the polarized nature of love and fear and how our B.S. is the very thing that keeps us feeling safely separate from each other but dangerously disconnected too.

2019 was a year like none other and it redefined me because it took my self-doubt to the extreme in both directions and I nearly didn’t survive. And what I have come to realize after nearly giving up on my dream to be part of the change I seek as a warrior of the light is that sometimes we have to get there first in order to help those who get there later, from a perspective of experience.

While the lessons were hard won, they offered me insight into what’s unfolding now on an energetic, systemic, economic, social, political, health and geographic level that could not have been acquired as quickly any other way. I’ll be sharing these lessons more strategically moving forward, so be sure to subscribe and stick around for the journey!

To be part of conscious conversations like these, jump on a call I’ll be hosting tonight (July 2nd at 7pm EST) with Laura Marcos about “Energy Vampires and Narcissists” where we will look at fearfull behaviour patterns from an empowering perspective.

What I know for sure, particularly after my experience last year, is that we can’t afford to wear the symbolic mask of voicelessness and let our personal freedoms and responsibilities be removed from us so easily or we will deserve all of what comes our way.

Let’s unite and gather together. PM me at for the Zoom call in details and to let me know if you have any questions you’d appreciate some open conversation about. You can also listen to the recording livestreamed via Facebook here too.

Here for you and grateful we’re in this together,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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