Survival Archetypes PT 1: The Victim Within & INNER Security

No likes to be called a victim, except those who have learned to connect with others through woundology which is a form of bonding through our wounds.

It’s based in the idea that “you show me your wounds and I’ll show you mine” except they’re more likely to be the remnants of emotional scar tissue we bond and connect because of, due to the prevalence of victimology as the foundation of our relationships. But the problem with exchanging problems, wounds and drama as a form of relationship currency is that we are more tempted to stay in victimhood than to rise above it and into the sacred side of our inner victim archetype for fear of jeopardizing the bond based on a contracted version of who we could be.

In the last blog I wrote about the stickman concept and terror barrier of transformation and mentioned the 4 archetypes of survival that we all share in common, which is why victimhood is such an easy way to bond with others in a culture that encourages us to put our power into the hands of others. “Trust the professionals” and “what would X,Y,Z think/say/do?” become undercurrents we often let drag us down when an opportunity comes our way that isn’t common place, allowing our inner victim to remain SCARED.

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I made this video to introduce the empowered aspect of the victim archetype, which is simply a familiar pattern that we fill with energy to place it in its scared side or its sacred side. And at the end of the day, and all the way through it, we have to choose what will serve us best.

In Caroline Myss’ book “Sacred Contracts” she describes the victim as also being the guardian of self-esteem.

I have referenced these survival archetypes, particularly the victim, since I became aware of them and was fortunate to be introduced to Karpman’s Drama Triangle more than a decade ago which gave me context to build off of when I learned of the victim’s sacred side.

In this video I shared a process I used when connecting with my own inner victim that I offer in hopes it inspires you to connect with your own inner victim, without judgement. I also shared the process I took this aspect of myself through to feel safe and empowered so I have that cellular memory to return to in stress-full moments where I can regulate myself and hope you can too.

We’ll be diving into the other three survival archetypes and their empowered side in the days to come so I hope you’ll take some time to connect with your own inner victim, without judgement, so that you too can help yours move into the pre-sent moment where it will be able to help you win as it desires to do more than anything!

Support yourself by getting to know yourself and enhance your sense of inner security now.

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. You are worth the effort to make this internal shift and your inner victim could use the re-mind-her too!!!

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