The Call That Changed It All: Fore-Shadowing The Fall Of Babylon

I hope your year is off to a strong start and want to remind you that if you’ve fallen off the ‘resolution wagon’ already it’s not the end of the world because you are the master and maker of yours, as i am in mine.

Last Tuesday I delivered the first presentation I’ve ever given on the Justinian Deception and a small group of men and women showed up to better comprehend the immense depth of the rabbit hole known as the legal fiction.

In preparing for it I discovered the grammatical roots of the spells most of us are casting unawares and now I’m connecting the dots further beyond where Romley Stewart’s work on the subject has brought me to which has been instrumental to putting the immense scope and scale of the great lie into perspective.

It’s the reason that ‘Lawyers’ are required to ‘Article’ for a period of time following graduation, to ensure compliance with industry standards of expectations and demonstrate they have a proper handle on the English language and grammar rules in relation to the ‘tricks of the trade’ they must be aware of to win their cases. It’s also why becoming a member of a secret society or association requires either a member-ship or license to lie to our senses…

I wasn’t able to get all of what I’ve discovered into the first presentation but we covered a lot of valuable ground and I’d love for more people to have a chance to catch the replay without putting it on a public forum where I’m an easy target without resources to support my continued efforts to bring this information to life.

For that reason I have decided to post the meat of the replay to my Patreon page where sponsors of any level will gain access to the hard won information I’ve been diligently putting together for us all.

I will be putting on a call on “The Justin(ian) Connexion” on January 22 @8:30pm EST but have moved the ‘Weaving Stronger INNER WEBS series’ to February so I can get all of this laid out in a more easily digestible fashion that doesn’t put me so under the gun to research, write, market, present, edit, post and not be disappointed when few people come to a poorly advertised call. I’m working diligently behind the scenes to create a more refined system for sharing that which I’ve journeyed so far to contribute so am taking that series off my plate in January to focus on this. To catch part of the first INNER WEBS session go here.

The more elements of the spell-casting language that we comprehend, the easier it will be for us to ‘see through’ the magic tricks used by professional charlatans (someone falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.) to craft a deadly life (or death) sentence that may not be in our best interest.

I’d love to know where you’re at on your spiritual path and how these messages are helping or supporting you in your journey by having you subscribe for the emails I send those who use the ‘sign up’ box on this page.  Make sure you confirm your email because I’ve had some pretty serious realizations recently that I’m super excited to share with you!

Where spiritual law, the legal fiction, alchemy, self-image, emotional resilience and ‘mental health’ traps are concerned I’d love to know what specific questions you’d most like to hear discussed and I’ll see what can be done. You can connect with me via the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Telegram group or Facebook group or email me privately at

I recorded a free-styled song this morning while I got myself ready to send out this (tweaked) message that I started last week but didn’t get ready until now. Leave a comment, give it a like while you’re there and share it with a friend who could use some creative inspiration for being as unhinged and out of the box as i am.

With love and respect,

Laura jeH – Namaste

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