The Child Within Seeks Expression Of Emotion & Comfort (Story Time Included)

‘Holy insecurities!’ with this weekend’s new moon, or maybe it’s me!!!

Lots is coming up to be faced, replaced and loved from within me, as I can only speak from my own perspective, and I have to laugh as I realize that my intention was to make this whole week about the inner child so as I write this, all the discomfort is making a lot more sense.

On Saturday a new book I’d ordered arrived as I headed to a friend’s to see his visiting granddaughter who wanted to help me record a video on the child archetype; I thought Grace would be a great addition to the scene and would love for you to show her some love in the comments! I’m sure she’ll check back on it from time to time so your kind words will mean a lot to her!

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I’ll admit that by Sunday afternoon, as I finished this short but detailed book by James-Merle Cloud called “The Game of Quantum Syntax Grammar: A Guide For Getting Started” I was feeling pretty unpleasant as I faced all the suppressed emotions this new information, alongside circumstances in my own life, brought up. I pulled out a waffle from the freezer for Papa when I went up to grab a coffee in the morning and told him I just wanted to be on my own so he could pop it down when he was ready; a few hours later I was in better spirits and able to reemerge ready to converse with him, but definitely needed some space before I got there.

I am grateful I am able to give myself that space and that he is easy going enough to understand. It doesn’t happen often but I own it when it does and I imagine he’s grateful I don’t begrudgingly push through and spew venom on him in the process. Acting out of obligation and irresponsibility ultimately leads to dysfunction and I’ll speak into that another day very soon!

A story in that book resonated deeply for me and I wanted to share it with you, in relation to the child archetype, so went live to my YouTube channel to do so and read that story, making some connections I hope will prove useful for you.

Check it out here and leave a comment to let me know what it means to and for you. I’ve got a theory coming that will build off of it perfectly!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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