The Conscious Mind And 4 Steps To Make It Work For You… DAY ELEVEN of 66


You are either a conscious creator or an unconscious creator but either way you are creating.

The difference is in whether it’s new results or replicated results from the past and your level of thinking is the determining factor.

The conscious mind is able to process 2,000 bits of information per second which allows us to decipher new input before we attribute meaning to it, while the subconscious is processing 1,000 times that amount of information and it stores all of it without discerning the value of any of it. Like the Google search engine of your inner-net, your conscious mind asks the questions and the subconscious delivers the results.

For this reason your conscious mind is your creative self while your subconscious is your reactive self, and your results will depend on:

  1. Your intention
  2. Your willingness to interrupt the stories that are not serving you
  3. Your ability to redirect your focus onto what you want in a moment’s notice
  4. Your willingness to repeat this new behaviour until it becomes a habit

Many people who believe that affirmations don’t work are going by a book that didn’t tell the full story. Affirmations require repetition, often and consistently, or we’ll fall into old habits and quickly neglect the new ones we were working on.

Think about it.

If you were to bring a new baby home to a full house, especially one in chaos, you wouldn’t hold the baby for a few minutes and then put it in a crib unattended and leave it there until the end of the day, expecting for it to flourish. That baby would die of neglect and new ideas work the same way.

You must treat the self-image you are creating with the kind of respect you would give to someone you really love. In fact, think of someone you love with all your heart and would do everything in your power to help if they needed it. Now apply that same level of commitment to yourself as you become someone you respect this much too.

I’ve had a realization today about my own commitments and how this series fits into it. Tomorrow I’ll share more on that because it’s going to change things for the better, for us both.

In the mean time, reply to this message to let me know what you’ve got out of the messages I’ve sent so far and how they fit with the process of transformation you are now undergoing.

Much love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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