The Kingdom Within Podcast

It’s time to bring respect back for the sacred by journeying inward in good company Mondays at 8pm EST!

The sacred has got lost in the scared world we have allowed to thrive and now it is time for us to come alive and be the live wires in the system that we turned around before it was too late.

We are far more power-full than we are given credit for and it is time for us to start realizing just how sacred the moment is, which is what we’ll focus on when we come together with various themed topics of discussion Mondays at 8pm EST.

You are welcome to join in the conversation if you are respectful and willing to engage with an alternative idea to what you may have considered before.

Sometimes the truth seems quite out of the box which is where NOW exists.

That NOW REALITY is the Newly Ordered World that we are here to herald in as we would wish our descendants to inherit it from us. In Realistic Evidence Appearing Legit In Tomorrow’s Yesterday which is what REALITY really is, right?

Join in the deep dive inward, in good company, with fellow PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United by the need to go inward so that our house is able to withstand the storms of change that come with the toppling of old systems and structures as we, the people, are called to make happen together as we gather together.

Join the conversation and let’s grow together!

Join Zoom Meetings LIVE Mondays at 8pm EST* unless otherwise stated on the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Assembly group on Telegram :

or use the app’s Meeting ID: 811 9649 4475 and Passcode: PEACE