The Point Of Life: Choose Your B.S. Based On Your Motivational Needs

What is the point of this epic experience we call life?
I believe it is to experience and express ourselves as the individuated expressions of the Grand Overall Designer that is experiencing itself through all of its creations, which are us. And therefore as individuated expressions of GOD it is feasible to believe we have greater capacity than we have dared to believe before now which is the shift that is now required!
Abraham Maslow created a Hierarchy of Motivational Needs theory that places self-actualization as our pinnacle motivation, but what I’ve come to believe is that the game of life is about making sure the scared side of our nature does not override our desire to express ourselves creatively for this is where three hierarchies can merge into one.
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Motivational Needs places survival at the foundation, safety above that, belonging on top and respect right underneath that pinnacle experience.
Tony Robbins’ Hierarchy of Motivational Needs is similar but with six tiers, starting with certainty and variety at the foundation plus significance, connection, growth and contribution on top.
And then there’s the Hierarchy of Creation which takes these motivations to a practical level. From a bottoms up perspective it places corporations (entities) at the base, with Public Courts, Judges, Police, Persons (legal fictions), Policy (legal) of Crown above that, Government above that as the tipping point between the public and private spheres, man or woman above that, and God on top.
What I have come to believe is that the purpose of life is to master ourselves and our motivations so that we can be fully pre-sent where we are when we are there.
This morning while I was putting this message together I stumbled across an incredibly cool concept which is to use the steps of Maslow’s Hierarchy as a card setting for reading tarot which is a hobby I often practice for myself and now will be making more available to those who want access to that type of experience.
But in order to achieve a task I feel called to, I’m going to start using that framework using my Strategies of Light and Darkness cards so that we can get more familiar with the tactics of the dark side and how we can counter their efforts.
I found this spread formation when I searched for an image of Maslow’s Hierarchy and liked Charissa’s article on this concept that you are welcome to check out. With a title like “Joy In Creation” how could it get any better than this?
Which brings us back to the original question of the purpose of life, and what I love is that this message reflects the point so far as I see it.
I believe that as adults we must learn to bring elements of the sacred into our every day without trying to fast track our fun by perverting or corrupting the natural state so that we can get back to business as usual faster. It’s really strange how we often seem to do that by overstimulating the fun we have!
But what’s fun is that from now on I’m going to start offering Strategies of Light & Darkness Motivational Needs Readings on Tuesdays at 9pm EST and tonight is the first night. Feel free to tune in with me by RSVPing through meetup.
Really looking forward to this fun and spontaneous offering of important service!
With love,
Laura JeH – Namaste
PS. Thursday is our regularly scheduled Empowering Leaders of Self Mastermind call at 5:55pm EST and the final two chapters of “The Human Aura” by Kuthumi book study I’ve been leading at 8pm EST over the summer. Join us LIVE if you’re able to and contribute your questions, comments and considerations to the conscious conversation! 

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