What An Adventure This Thing Called Life Is & Why Courage Is Required

It’s been a long minute since I posted anything here because I’ve been growing offline, out of necessity, and need to focus on my cell-F.

We live in a Universe that operates based on cause and effect, and every choice comes with consequences. Let me fill you in on one of mine.

On April 10, 2021 there was an Anti-Lockdowns rally in Simcoe, Ontario.

I don’t believe protests are effective because you cannot fight fire with fire and as Mother Theresa said “I’ll never attend an anti-war rally but host a rally for peace and I’ll be there.” The night before this rally when I was invited, I declined attending with the intention to figure out how to get my message out in a progressive and P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L.L. way but when I was awoken around 3am with the guidance to go to the rally and see if I could get on stage I agreed to go. I even wrote a blog about it because I knew it wasn’t just my ego wanting stage time, it was something far bigger than me seeking expression through me; read that message here for I just did and it’s a good one.

When I heard the call to go I obeyed as I have learned the cost of not doing so over the years and it is far greater than the inconvenience of doing something unexpected, for a higher purpose we are truly only cooperative parts in.

Having started writing this message yesterday morning first thing upon rising, I wanted to show you what unfolded when I went and speak into it so I recorded a video I posted to my YouTube channel that includes my speech but didn’t have a chance to finish this blog until now.

Life is full and we’ve got to prioritize where our greatest Return On Investment (ROI) will come from.

That said, yesterday after recording and editing that video I hosted a call with a like minded lady that was immensely valuable from a mental and spiritual health perspective and I offer that here to you as well. Please leave comments or questions in the video and make sure you like it while you’re there so that it helps improve the algorithms of my channel to expose my work to more people – your support truly means a lot to me and I’m grateful for you!

Wishing you continued strength and fortitude at this trying time in our shared story!

All ways victory,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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