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PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Summit 2021.2 – Legacy Part Three

February 2, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


The first PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Summit of 2021 was on Jan 5 and can be seen here: https://youtu.be/iZseEFvKIVc
We based the event loosely around the theme of legacy and what we’re each being called to do as HuEman beings sharing this experience being us which I feel like we are being called to consider right now as we have a choice to give FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) our power or we will allow Faith to triumph.
With all that is happening in the States right now we must understand that it is a charged time and people don’t like people who take a side because it shows inflexibility. But not liking the candidates does not mean we can sit to the sidelines while the elected officials give away our rights and freedoms they have no intention of giving back unless we demand it.
I say it is time for us to take a stand as the sovereign beings of our own cell-ves who choose to manage our own emotional, spiritual, physical, energetic and sexual elements because all serve their part in making us who we are.
What we must remember is that love has already won because it chose us to be the players on the field at this time, it’s just lost we sight of our own magnificence for a while and we are being called to re-mind ourselves of “Our Deepest Fear” which Marianne Williamson shares in a must read poem mentioned in the first Summit above and will also be mentioned in this one from a historical legacy perspective.
It is time for PEACEFULL INNER Warriors to unite in the name of truth, love and freedom for all people, not just groups of them. That is how we lose the thought war where what is being fought for is our mind, heart, body and soul. We are so much more than we’ve ever dared to believe and we’re going to gather to discuss who we truly are and why we must re-member how to commune with our intuition that we gain access to our authentic self and understand why we’re really here.
I hope you can join and would love to know you’re following along! Things are about to get even more intense so let’s ride this wave together!