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It’s getting better over time, they said to themselves, as the people’s faith and fear fought within them and overflowed into the world too. What was also growing was the indoctrination into a certain way of living that really wasn’t … Read More

It’s Time To Unite For Peace, Promise & Pleasure In The Pursuit Of Bliss

Hello and Welcome Soulfull Seeker and Conscious Creator! My name is Laura JeH (@Laura JE Hamilton) and I’m an Empowerment Coach with an Alternative Approach committed to helping soulfull seekers retrieve more of their power so they can stop letting … Read More

It’s Time To Grow Up, From The Inside

We’ve got so caught up in what the experts say and how we think things need to be it seems we have forgot the sound of our own intuition and the larger purpose of life. It’s an educational experience for … Read More

Mental Health Awareness: Don’t Let A Diagnosis Define You

Originally posted on “Bell Let’s Talk” day January 29, 2020 to my private community for Soulpreneurs, Coaches, Activists and Seekers – check it out, read this post and comment below what it means to and for you. We’re here to learn and … Read More

P.S. The B.S. of Empowerment

Empowerment is about inner strength, self-esteem and belief in yourself, but not just for your own sake. Empowerment is about knowing what you stand for and having the strength to do what’s necessary to fight for, defend and support it, … Read More

A New Year Gift: A Simple 4 Step Approach To Change Your Inner Dialogue

Welcome to the new year and to all that it will bring! At this sacred time of year, we often feel a sense of excitement at what this new beginning will bring us and if you’re like most people, “new … Read More

Goodbye To Another Decade… Endings Come With New Beginnings

And just like that another decade fast approaches as the one we’re in comes to an abrupt halt. Some might be disappointed to see a decade of deep diving and striving and growth come to an end but others, like … Read More

Broken Hearts, Time and Coming Home To Ourselves

I’d left for a three week sojourn through the deserts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California with a relatively new friend and fellow light worker when I heard news that shook me to my core. It was an ‘either brave … Read More

It’s Not Enough To Be A Viable Option: Tracing Your Roots

“Don’t make someone a priority for whom you are just an option.” Seriously, it’s so sad how transactional we have become as a society but that doesn’t make it any less true. I was watching an interview between Lewis Howes … Read More

Be Careful Who You Believe: A New-Age No-No List

Wow. I’m just picking my jaw up off the ground after encountering a list I never thought I’d discover. No my name wasn’t on that list, but the list discredited many of things I believe in and is by someone … Read More