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The Sacred Sojourn Of Now

The book that transformed her in bringing it to life


FULLY COMMITTED is one woman’s journey of empowerment through the hero’s journey from a soulful, emotional and lawful perspective.

As a mystic without a monastery, Laura jeH candidly shares her experience of giving away her power until she learned to wield it more wisely

and responsibly using tools, theories and tales outlined in this activating masterpiece.

Use the Sacred Sojourn of the Soul as a framework for tracking your own progress through the process of transformation.

Chart your emotions within the Highrise of Emotional Awareness that will help you get acquainted with the lessons your emotions

are showing up to offer.

Use Active Choice Point theory to switch out of REACTIVE into CREATIVE states of being.

Laura’s tales of making a crazy call with insane consequences and receiving a summons for speaking at a rally in the

parking lot next to where she was coerced out of work in 2021 for standing up for her belief in breathing freely reveals

the empowering journey she took to learn how dangerous false identities can be, even when they’re commonly accepted.

PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United is an initiative with significant meaning that she breaks down in detail.


While supplies last you can purchase a signed copy directly from Laura for $25 plus the cost of shipping from Canada.
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