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The Sacred Sojourn of Life
takes no prisoners.
The mind will hold us hostage
until we find guides who can
help us come back to our heart
centre and take our power back! 

GET YOUR SIGNED COPY @ the next PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United event!

FULLY COMMITTED is one woman’s journey of empowerment through

the hero’s journey from a soulful, emotional and lawful perspective using the

Sacred Sojourn of the Soul template for the 12 steps from a different angle.

That woman is me, Laura jeH, and I have been working on its Companion Manual!


“Writing the book took five years for it to rewrite me before the world could see what

that version of me was ready to bring forth, for such a time as now.”


Metaphors, analogies, and personal stories were used to illustrate the most poignant lessons

shared in FULLY COMMITTED where ‘getting committed’ under the Mental Health Act

became a defining moment that changed my outlook on life, myself and the world around me.


The Companion Manual I am working on now builds off of the concepts shared in FC

so grab your copy in the way you most enjoy consuming content as its available in print & audio form.


As the Founder of PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United, I am passionate about

connecting people so that we can all find our place within the tribe we are all a part of.

FC is the story of how to learned what not to do on my way to doing what I now am.


Every step in our journey is necessary in order to bring us to the place we need to be.

This book tracks some of the tales that shaped and formed me so that I could notice the

patterns before they were problems being projected onto all of us.


Request a community training experience where I can speak to your people and sell books!

I am glad to share my story for the sake of helping others bet on their dreams as I have!!!

The Justinian ConneXion Report


Get your own copy of FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW, read the Justinian ConneXion Report, join a Mastermind group on the content in these works and be part of the community waiting for you here at

Life’s a trip, as is the sacred sojourn of our INNER realms!

After publishing and narrating FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW in 2022, I went through a rebalancing time because I’d finally finished the book that took 5 years to finally write in a month and the charge that my person had received in 2021 got stayed before my trial so I didn’t get an ‘official win’ but I could legitimately say my efforts did not betray me.

In November 2022 I ‘got the drop’ that the Justinian Deception was significant and that sent me onto a multi-month pursuit of how the legal fiction has been directing the flow of the current environment we’ve been trading our lives for at the cost of what was lost by conversions few people notice until it’s too late.

I discovered Romley Stewart, Rohan Lorian and Frank O’Collins’ work on the subject of ‘the fiction’ legalized by our own acceptance and support of it through engagement, employment or interaction with such corrupted power dynamics that our own frame of reference can get clouded. Like Don Miguel Ruiz describes in “The Four Agreements: A Toltec Wisdom Guide” about ‘Smokey Mirror’ being how one character reminded himself that we are all acting as smokey mirrors to one another.

Now I am combining the tale that I pieced together of our common roots to the story we were never told about who and whose we truly are using some of the stories I mentioned in FULLY COMMITTED that are part of a bigger picture still.

To tell that tale you are invited on a 66 Days To End The Daze Of Persecutions In Hiero’s Prism By The Hegemonic Priesthood which is the premise for the second book I am now crafting through this effort.

Consider this series the ‘Companion Manual’ to ‘FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW’ with live group trainings and calls held for you to join when feeling called to discuss the following weekly themes.

Wednesday nights participants who wish to partake in the MASTERmind group focusing on 4 chapters each session for 7 weeks on Wednesdays at 7:30-9pm starting April 3, 2024.

Session 1: Who We Are Versus Who We Believe Our Cells To Be (April 3)

Session 2: The Release Of The Con’s Troll (April 10)

Session 3: Self-Study As Essential (April 17)

April 19-21 is the Sustainable Living & Tiny Homes Expo & Filming MASTERmind Retreat where we can review what has been covered and what’s coming with the HUB for HumanKIND event where graduations from the series will be celebrated.

Session 4: Manipulating Truth For Good, Bad & Other-wise (April 24)

Session 5: The Journey Cult-U-re Takes Us On (May 1)

Session 6: Trials & Tribulations of a Covert Nature (May 8)

Session 7: Death, Vampirism & INNER Guidance Systems (May 15)

May 17-19, 2024 is the HUB for HumanKIND experience where we will reflect on the seven sessions and the lessons gleaned from them in relation to how we can work together to improve the well-being of beings in our direct environment.

That’s seven 1.5hour recorded-live sessions that will be saved and used for a subsequent ‘evergreen program’ you’ll get to see me create in real time which means you’ll be able to learn from my experience instead of going through it yourself.

You also get to be part of two live events at Souls Path Retreats where we’ll be planning out the scenes that we want to capture for the documentary we want to subliminally implant into the collective consciousness of us all.

April 2024 Group call schedule: All times in Eastern time zone (Toronto)

April 1@10:10am Claudio & LauraJeH: Astro-Cues Through the Sacred Sojourn (Zoom)

April 4 @7:30pm: HUB for HumanKIND CoCreators Collaborate to Create Camps Together (Zoom)

April 7 from 2-4pm I’ll be presenting to a CSA Meeting in the Niagara region on Hiero’s Prism & The REAL Matrix SYSTEM (In person)

April 8 I’m attending a local ceremony hosted by a friend at Kanata during the Eclipse (In person)

April 10 Bobbi Rowntree & Laura JeH’s “Which Craft” Series: Which Craft Are You Practicing or Specialized In? Busting the Wordmagic of Wyrds (Zoom)

April 14 from 2-3:30pm: Lynn Thompson & Laura JeH Discuss The Highlights Of Being A Podcaster, Radio Host and Producer for The On Purpose Podcast & Forum in The Art of Departure Series and The NEW Art of Living Series (Zoom)

April 19-21: Earth Day Expo, MASTERminding & Retreat Experience

(Crafting an adventure package landing page for you to visit – coming soon!)

May 17-19: HUB for HumanKIND Summit, MASTERmind Graduation Party & Documentary Filming Days

On top of that you can get involved with the Documentary series project that all of this is part of or you may instead wish to get involved in the Album 24 project for those artists who want to better understand the signs, symbols and omens of the underworld of the corporate fiction and the unseen influence of the Roman Catholic Holy See.

This is not to target or put down any religion in particular but to suggest that all of them share a fundamental framework which is the focus of this FULL PICTURE Package which will even tie in the story of FATHER GOOSE by Bill Lishman who was part of a migration support project for Canada geese between northern and southern lands in the 1990s. His initiative brought people together and inspired a motion picture and now we are creating the motion picture to support initiatives on the journey inward where empowerment truly exists.


That is what all of these efforts are designed to break down in simple terms to the point where we can all easily share the information without taking on a title that is debunked in the very message being shared.

By tying all of these ‘loose ends’ up in one project we get to expand the common ground of understanding and familiarity we share to connect on which is what helps us feel safe and secure in a relationship dynamic we didn’t notice had such a professionalism bias.

We will intentionally develop stronger INNER WEBS that support the personal growth and development we go through in the sacred sojourn of the soul by devising a SPECIAL Practice to take care of our self-care regiment in a systematic way.

YOU’RE INVITED TO the full picked-yours Pictures!!!!

WHEN: 66 daily emails begin April 1 with live retreat weekends included in the ticket April 19-21 and May 17-19, 2024

WHERE: Online and at Souls Path Retreat Centre located at 2685 Shirley Road, Blackstock, ON 

Souls Path Retreat Centre will be where we dissected the energetic patterns underlying all common forms of identity to find the entities within them that have been feeding off of us and our energy merely because our belief in them gives them power. This is the level of gestalts and paradigms that underlay the patterns and problems that capture our attention.

Journalling is encouraged and will be introduced as a vital component of the 66 Day Transformation Series for practice.

You are encouraged to take hold of (the pen of) your power and peel back the layers of identities to reveal the true source of power within us.
Get the Whole Kit & Caboodle: $999 Donation
This includes the 7 week virtual MASTERmind, 4 bi-weekly group coaching calls and attendance at both live listed events at Souls Path PLUS receive a 30 minute personalized coaching session with Laura jeH upon receipt of your donation.
Receive a copy of the working edition of The REAL Story of ROME at the live retreat and receive a signed copy of FC too!
Bed-buddies ticket for the Whole Kit & Caboodle (x2): $1522 
Growing with the people we live and lead our lives with makes the process easier and more pleasant. Come with a friend and recognize that we are expanding our common ground to encompass the following experiences too:
MASTERmind group: $297 value
Earth Day Expo & Retreat Experience: $333 value
HUB for HumanKIND Retreat: $333 value
Telegram & Facebook Group Support: Priceless
Regular LIVE Group Calls Interviewing Experts: Invaluable
30 min Discovery Call with Laura JeH…
66 Day Email Series To Motivate & Inspire…
Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls: $222 monthly 
Copy of FULLY COMMITTED: $25 value
Copy of Working Manuscript of The REAL Story of ROME…
You can certainly opt into only one or two experiences within the larger experience or you can buy the FULL Kit & Caboodle Package for a one time e-transfer of $999 or donate what you can and participate in what you can.
E-transfer your gift to with you name, textable number (if available) and email so I can follow up with you when I see you’ve raised your hand to support this admirable endeavour. It’s so much bigger than just me or you.
It’s a matter of all of us and that means it makes all the difference to us all.
With love and respect,
Laura jeH – Namaste



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