The Sacred Sojourn of Life
takes no prisoners.
The mind will hold us hostage
until we find guides who can
help us come back to our heart
centre and take our power back! 

GET YOUR SIGNED COPY @ the next PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United event!

FULLY COMMITTED is one woman’s journey of empowerment through

the hero’s journey from a soulful, emotional and lawful perspective using the

Sacred Sojourn of the Soul template for the 12 steps from a different angle.


“Writing the book took five years for it to rewrite me before the world could see what

that version of me was ready to bring forth for such a time as now.”


Using metaphors, analogies, and personal stories to illustrate the most poignant lessons

the experience of writing a book called FULLY COMMITTED when ‘getting committed’

became a defining moment that changed her outlook on life, herself and the world.

Grab a copy from Laura by inviting her to speak with your people or workplace.


In order to change ‘the public thing’ as her next book is about, having context for the

woman who founded PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United as a place where misfits

not only fit but are valued and appreciated for what each of us bring to the table,

metaphorically speaking and literally too for it take a community to beat the few!


If you’d like to listen to the audio-version you can buy it on Amazon.


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for reading it in particular we’d love to hear it! Books this way are $25 + shipping

The Justinian ConneXion Report


Get your own copy of FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW, read the Justinian ConneXion Report, join a Mastermind group on the content in these works and be part of the community waiting for you here at

Life’s a trip and I’ve taken a few around the world and in my INNER realms too!

After publishing and narrating FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW in 2022, I went through a rebalancing time when my trial was stayed before the date so I didn’t get an ‘official win’ but what I did get was re-convicted of my role in helping people recognize the modern(a) age witch hunt legalized and normalized as the Mental Health Act for what it is.

At the end of that year I got ‘the drop’ that the Justinian Deception was significant and started questing on it only to receive a binder full of transcriptions of Romley Stewart and Rohan Lorian’s material on the subject which I summarized and dove into deeper in ‘The Justinian ConneXion” report I published to this site in March 2023.

After narrating “FATHER GOOSE” that summer I dove back into the legal fiction and discovered the fictitious nature of the world in a manuscript I never published. It was so disillusioning and disheartening that I didn’t know how to use it because it was precisely what got me locked up in the first place and is blatantly obvious for anyone willing to admit the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes, like in the story, and that carrying on pretending he is hurts all of us.

The latter part of December and January 2024 have been devoted to summarizing all of it into a practical format that can be moved through at a slower pace for better absorption and reference purposes on Udemy once ready and I’ll be setting dates for virtual and in person MASTERminds once I’ve got the course ready and launched at our PILOT Retreat experience!


WHEN: January 26-28, 2024

WHAT: An Empowered Way To Live: The ‘We One/Won’ Retreat

WHERE: Souls Path Retreat Centre located at 2685 Shirley Road, Blackstock, ON 

Souls Path Retreat Centre will be hosting us and the flow will depend on how many will be joining us for this PILOT experience of gamifying the Sacred Sojourn of the Soul while helping people recognize all the entities feeding off all the energy we invest our life force into.

As a bonus we will have a public-welcome part on Friday January 26 from 7-9pm as we review the archetypal characters of the major arcana of the Tarot in relation to the Sacred Sojourn of the Soul and group dynamics. Donations are appreciated but not required as this gives everyone a chance to join in even if the full weekend commitment isn’t possible at this time.

We’re going to talk about the energetics of what we’ve seen play out in the mainstream media, institutions and within family units worldwide since 2020 particularly in order to understand the patterns underneath the programs and how we’ve been fighting ourselves in different suits and ways for our whole lives.
Friday from 7-9pm there’s a public invite for PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United who wish to join us to participate in a networking session where we’ll be diving into the Major Arcana from the perspective of archetypes and character arcs that reflect the Sacred Sojourn of the Soul. My book (FULLY COMMITTED) lays it out in greater detail and a signed copy is part of the Retreat package! 
We will be talking a lot about identity and the entities we invite into our energy through the identities we take on and identify with throughout the weekend and some preparatory questions will be sent for your consideration beforehand.
If you have a journal I would encourage you to bring it so you can track your private thoughts, reflections and mark ’the shift’ point between life before the retreat and life after. This ‘event’ could be your descansos, a term described in a phenomenal book by Clarissa Pinkola Estés called ”Women Who Run With Wolves” which I’ll reference the mother/maiden/crone from.
No meals are provided on Friday due to it being an evening event but Saturday we’ll have three meals at the lodge between 9am-9pm which is the general time frame for Saturday which will be a combination of discussions, movement exercises (it’s a beautiful property!) and other intentional activities that will be firmed up closer to; I’ve got the content, it’s just about getting it into the right order to make it practical and useful for your life after the event too!
You are encouraged to consider this your invitation to take hold of (the pen of) your power and peel back the layers of identities to reveal the true source of power within us.
With the context from Friday’s introductory session on character archs and the sacred sojourn of the soul, we’ll be looking at all the statuses, titles, personages and roles you have taken on by affiliation with Belief Systems that bring a larger body of consciousness with them plus considering how your growth ripples out to impact others.
I will be in touch with a more structured plan prior to the weekend as the course is literally being created in real time and you still have a chance to sign up for this significant event!
A brunch will be provided Sunday morning so that we are able to debrief, unpack and unwind all we found while feasting in comfort at the Lodge – it has a really homey vibe to it so will be an enjoyable environment for all that we’ll be doing! We will wrap up for noon and ongoing support will be available.
I’d love to have you present for this PILOT Weekend Retreat experience that will never be offered for less than $300 again.
Single ticket: $277 (whole experience)
Bed-buddies ticket: $522 (whole experience)
Saturday ticket: $111 (no overnights)
RSVP now by e-transfering me your preferred ticket option to with you name, textable number (if available) and email so I know how to follow up with you when I see you’ve registered.
So now that you know the score, I guess the ball is in your court! 🙂
With love and respect,
Laura jeH – Namaste



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