FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW (Signed Copy!)

FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW (Signed Copy!)


Laura JE Hamilton's debut publication, FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW (Paperback)

"In the journey of writing FULLY COMMITTED The Sacred Sojourn of NOW I was called to live fully and learned how to claim our right to do so, as men and women standing in our power where life is lived and evil is NOW being fried like the BBQ Business that tried to convert us into less than our best."

Laura JeH

Laura JeH is an Empowerment Coach with an alternative approach with
quite the tale to tell about how life opened her eyes to the pattern of placing her power outside of herself.
NOW she is helping others recognize the pattern so we can all be the authors of our own lives.




©2022 Laura JE Hamilton (P)2022 Laura JE Hamilton
Publisher: Balboa Press – A Division Of Hay House


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Fully Committed is about the transformation of self-image through the hero’s journey from a soulful perspective using the author’s story to provide practical examples of what helped in her own journey and what she wouldn’t recommend based on lived experience.

Emotional resilience is an often overlooked component of transformation that is addressed using tools to support listeners through the discomfort of up leveling while intentionally creating more beneficial stories about the process while living it.

Using her experience of getting locked up under the Mental Health Act and lawfully dealing with a summons for speaking at a rally near the place where she was coerced out of her position on the “front lines” in 2021 for refusing to mask, Laura candidly shares her testimony as one who has and continues to stand for truth and justice despite the high cost doing so has come with.

Her depiction of the Hierarchy of Creation combined with two motivational needs theories frames the insanity we are currently living in from the perspective of love instead of false emotion appearing real (FEAR).

In an effort to call for personal liability, accountability, and responsibility in a world where creators have been converted into consumers (and other statuses of lesser standing than we have when we are real) Laura’s alternative tale breaks down words in a way that will help listeners become the image of a life we can be proud to have lived while leaving the world better for those who will inherit it from us.