Let’s Raise Our View Together For The Good Of Us All: Sept Course Outline

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Divide and conquer is a war strategy that has been employed since war first broke out between men with emotional grudges they dragged others into due to feudal allegiances that became futile and fatal alliances.

The Manorial System is the topdown leadership model that we’re presently facing within all systems and we’ve been pit against one another and ourselves because the best way to keep a battle brewing is to stew the lower emotions of men and women who start taking their hostility out on others. 

The “Row Man” command to paddle our own boat wasn’t connected to the Roman Empire or the Republic it was before the initial conversion into nations, states and statuses changed our version of REALITY Of My Evolution.

Roman Nomenclature was part of the way stock on plantation Earth was accounted for which is what made each and every name important in the way each are used and what it all means to and for us.

I have uncovered and wrote a story about a different version of events to what history has commonly portrayed it that begins with the observation of time’s illusory nature and the fact that the victors are the ledgers of time, hence different markers of time being used to describe the present moment that we are now living in. 

I’ve called it the Ode to L’auralease because it’s a language of empowerment for people to call our power present in the pro per office of man using first person pronouns that keep us as the main characters in our own stories that we must recognize the importance of maintaining, 

The language will grow as great minds come together to share the best wisdom and practical skills that we’ve developed in our journey through life with a chance to hear a different version of events that cannot be proved any more than the current version of events playing out on the toxic mainstream media can be. It is a language that encourages feeling through the emotional repercussions of our words, thoughts and actions that bring insights with them. 

I’m working to fund its publication for October (in time for the holiday season) and require support in exchange for the fantastic adventure I’m going to take you on through the live mastermind course kicking off September 13 @8pm.

This is in the lead up to an official launch party with a twist on October 14/15 that I would love to be part of a documentary type experience that features the main characters in our story as of 2023. Without support I won’t be able to pull it off so I’m crafting this blog to lay out what you’ll gain in exchange for your Patreonage through Patreon.com/LJEH and participation in the opportunities I’m laying out for you here 🙂


FULLY COMMITTED Companion Manual PILOT Program: Pre-Launch Crew & ONwards

Come on a journey with the woman who wrote FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW after going through the process and living to not only tell the tale of getting here but who has intentionally connected with incredible souls who have also been gathering people and information on their travels too. 

Now it is time for us to come together and get back in the authority position of our own story with me as your guide alongside other PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United who are willing to come on the journey inward too. 

Wednesdays from 8-9:15pm we will gather for a private group coaching call where the stories shared in FULLY COMMITTED can be actually applied and discussed in the virtual calls each week and at the community discussions and social events that are designed to bring great people together so we know who is who and where we all are. 

In addition to the weekly calls outlined below you can receive a signed copy of FULLY COMMITTED for just $25 plus shipping, shipped directly to you, or if you’ve got an Audible credit listen to me read it to you personally. Any level of Patreon sponsorship will grant you access to the calls and events:

Intro call September 6, 2023 via YouTube – Laying Out L’auralease & What this Pre-Launch Crew Will Be

In tandem with Album23, this Ode is designed to give us a model for being REAL together again looks & feels like.

Week ONE: September 13, 2023   –   Getting Acquainted with the REAL NOW

*Introduction +o The Multi-Dimensional Cake of NOW & Inter-faces with Counterfeit Realities

*Ch 14: Hierarchy of Creation

*Ch 9: Motivational Needs Theories

*Ch 1: The Story of Not Enough, Victims and The Flip Side

Sacred Social Mastermind at Vivian’s Country Cookin’   –    September 11 from 4-7pm ($30 for full meal) 

Week TWO: September 20, 2023  –   Re-leasing the Con’s Troll

Ch 7: Woundology, Self-esteem and Rock Bottom States

Ch 10: The Rally, MC & Self-Presentation

Ch 13: OPCA Litigant Status Conversion Threats

Ch 11: The Capitalizing of LAW Lacking Heart

Sacred Social at Vivian’s Country Cookin’ September 25, 2023 from 4-7pm ($30 for full meal)  

Week THREE:  September 27, 2023   –   Self-Study Is Essential

Ch 2: Better to be in charge than control

Ch 8: Cashier Standing For Truth and what I learned

Ch 16: Homeless Heroes & Lost till found

Ch 19: INNER Kingdoms, Hidden Gifts & Rescue Missions

Week FOUR: October 4, 2023   –   The Tangled WEBS We Weave If We Leave Aspects Of Us Behind

Ch 5: The WEB We Weave If We Support Evil: Event 201 (and the followon event)

Ch 15: Dates with differing intentions and corrupted reasons to begin

Ch 18: Psychosis, The Crazy Ones, Choice Points and Survival Archetypes

Ch 21: Toxic Loads, Colours of Right & High Rises of Emotional Awareness

Week 5: October 11, 2023   –    The Story Behind Cults

Ch 22: Better than a Movie: Moving FEAR FAR away

Ch 20: The Sacred Sojourn of the Soul

Ch 17: PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United and Untied

Ch 6: Cults, Ceremonies and The BBQ Business

PRIVATE EVENT IN BOWMANVILLE: October 14/15, 2023 with live music, workshops and video shoots

Week 6: October 18, 2023   –   They Will Try All To Steal Office

Ch 23: The Con of Freedom, Fabians, Entities & My Crazy Journey

Ch 3: Power Pits, Parapets & The Story of Maybe

Ch 4: The Stanford Prison Experiment and my 10th Floor Nightmare

Ch 28: SIN, Standing in our Power and Settling No More

Week 7: October 25, 2023   –    Choice, Consequence & Traffic kings

Ch 27: The Power of Our Choices, INNER WEBS & Codexes to live by

Ch 26: Our Furry Companions, Choosing life after death & the Right Use of Will

Ch 25: Intuition, Following Hunches & Our Deepest Fear

Ch 24: Originals, Energy Harvesting, Magic & Traffiking


Regardless of what comes our way in the fall or long winter to follow it, we will be connected and in conscious conversation about why so many of the relationships in our lives have gone south and we don’t know what to do about it. Investing in yourself by committing to be part of this opportunity starts at just $5.55 per month and gives you access to this Mastermind group PLUS grants you front row tickets for the pre-launch crew for the Ode to L’auralease that I’ve been working on since the end of last year. 

I’m sharing my best discoveries so we can have an open conversation and discussion about the concepts shared and how to apply them to our real lives because that is where it seems we have been dropping the balls with all the Cabal’s corrupting of the MER-KA-BAs that serve as energetic auric fields that reflect our energy centres. 

Better understanding the currents of energy within the body and how the Codex of the BIBLE was a commercially wrote piece of propaganda that has become the marker for many of when REAL life was documented without considering the fact the man who lived and was called otherwise while he did actually stood up to the bankers and church officials and was doomed by ancient smear campaigns.

We’re going to talk about religion, politics, gender and money without the labels and industry acronyms we don’t feel smart for not knowing until we learn them and can then relate with others on a heart to heart level instead of head to head.

We’re going to go back to the days when Socrates was tried for inspiring the youth to rebel against the governments of that time, who then had stories wrote about him as if it were from his perspective, by artists of their time who dared to create novel solutions to Socrates’ argument between vitalists (spirit, supernatural) and materialists (matter). And then we must know that humanism is the way man was broke up into many hues to portray aspects of his nature instead of maintaining integrity and remaining in wholeness.

My intention and desire is to drop the walls of BS (Belief Systems) we’ve given energy to so that we can call our power back to the present moment where we get to cocreate together. 

To gain access to the live calls and recordings your Patreon sponsorship is appreciated for less than two French Vanillas at Tim Horton’s (a story for another day). I am really looking forward to sharing this growth infused experience with you for the process has truly changed me!

With love and appreciation, 

Laura jeH – Namaste

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