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It Takes A Village To Raise Us & Care For Us: Documentary Pitch

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We’ve all heard that it takes a village to raise a child, yet the current cultural standard to segregate and separate instead of connect and collaborate has caused more death and destruction than it has been given credit up till now.

Yet whether we get credit for the deed or not, it’s vital to have a clear response in mind when people ask where you stood in the mixed war of the modern(a) times where the -cide we choose makes a significant difference to how we go out of this place.

I was shocked when I first heard of the term menticide as the systematic dumbing down of the populous through mind control programming and practices that have been tried on everyone born during the Industrial Revolution but my mind was completely blown when I heard the term democide and what it means:

Democide refers to “the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command.”

And since we are already aware that this actually exists using the same suffix, -cide, as homocide, suicide, genocide and any other side that endorses death and destruction instead of life and health, it’s obvious that none of those -cides have our best interest at heart.

Who Would Have Thought?!

It’s hard to imagine that evil has taken hold so close to home, within the hearts of us who operate the machine and factories that reinforce the consumeristic culture of the modern age.

It’s incredulous to consider that life could become so compartmentalized that we can commit horrific acts and follow orders in our public position that violate our conscience for the sake of the pay cheque issued as reward for loyalty or fealty which was a really big thing back in the day.

‘Back in the day’ covers so much ground because ‘what does that not encompass?’ becomes the better question. Yet the specific daze in question was around the time the Roman Republic transitioned into an Empire under a Barracks Emperor who took on the title ‘Julius Caesar’ and ruled as an autocratic leader until his successor and adopted heir apparent (his great-nephew) took over and codified all existing laws of the time.

Julius Caesar (AKA Justin)’s great-nephew went by a number of pseudonyms, the most popular being ‘Augustus Caesar’ and his real name being ‘Petrus Sabbatius’. He was born to Justin’s Plebeian sister who Justin adopted and sent to Constantinople where he was stationed as the Count of the Excubitors (composed of units of imperial guards) while Justinian completed his education.

Justin was largely illiterate in the language of politics for the language he best understood was war yet Justinian was educated to consider the strategic manipulation of all the pieces on a board and communicate them effectively. He played his cards well and even stacked the deck in favour of their ‘house’.

Justinian was responsible for packaging all existing laws of the land in existence at that time into one book that was called the Justinian Codex and remains the foundation of the legal system to this day. His chosen use of the titles ‘Augustus’ and ‘Caesar’ as the Principate of a quasi-monarchical system of government allowed the existence of a de facto dictatorial regime that maintained the framework of the Roman Republic using military law to divide up the territories of Earth’s Empire.

More Than A Movie

The movie “The Matrix” was a documentary to show how the Smith Agent program can overtake anyone in the game playing a position if they are unlocked and ready to take charge of their reality.

Neo is the one who figures out how to make the codes of the system work for him instead of functioning in a reactive way.

Morpheus was the wise guide who mentored and helped Neo develop faith in himself and the reality that he might actually be ‘the one’ after all.

At first the Agents are stronger and faster than Neo is but after a while something clicks in Neo to make him faster, wiser and stronger than the Agents who never expected to meet someone who could beat them.

It’s reminiscent of that infamous scene in A Bug’s Life after the grasshoppers have just returned to their Clubhouse to regroup after a renegade inventor scares them away unexpectedly in an act that made others believe in the potential of his plan a little more.

Well we have a chance to do that now with the lives that we are leading and, yes, we do all matter this much in the scheme of things which is precisely what the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United initiative is about.

If you’d have told my younger self that I would become the one that got to write an email about The Matrix, -cides of WAR & The Justinian ConneXion that I first made into a report published last year I’d have thought that was cool.

Now that I am this older version of me, reflecting on the fact I just did that, after more than a year of piecing together these stories to be able to do that with a fair degree of certainty that all herein claims are true, is that it’s all coming together beautifully and the Documentary is a fundamental part of the whole thing.

Documentary Project

We have been living through a time where the benefit of hindsight is 20/20 which is the year when the lies started trying to get exposed more than ever.

So many people have become Freedom Fighters, Keyboard Warriors and Information Gladiators since the Endemic of COVID began that many people have reached an over-saturation point so their nervous system can no longer calm itself down when overexcited or stimulated.

We’ve been wearing ourselves thin trying to ‘wake up as many people as possible’ to the medical tyranny at the hands of a one world order at the helm of a one world governing body that would reflect a top down view of life as a game board that is being played by the one playing the role.

Yet as the Beehive Collective so cleverly portrayed in their epic art scene canvas of both the Game Board version of the Colonization of Meso-America on the front cover of an internal ground-level scene that is being lived and experienced by those living at ground level. Vishal captured the footage of a private presentation of these canvases at the Bloom Festival ’23 when Paula Lishman and I went down for the final presentation of the Festival on her land which you can see here.

Her husband, Bill Lishman, passed in 2017 but left a creative legacy behind in an autobiographical portrayal of his geese migration endeavours that inspired the classic movie “Fly Away Home.” I never had a chance to meet Bill in person but remember how his project unified people across Canada and America who had a chance to see Bill and his team flying with the Canada Geese along their flightpath South.

This story will play a central role in the Documentary project being unveiled on March 20 at 7pm EST and you are invited to hear the details about how Album 24 fits into this too.

If you’d like to be on this launch call for the project with an invitation for key contributors to step forward to help bring together the story of how we harmonized the hues of us through vision casting be sure to sign up for emails from to get the login details sent directly to you.

Vision Casting

Magic is always present, it’s just a matter of whether we’re intentionally directing it or whether we’re experiencing the effect end of the cause and effect equation.

Vision Casting is when we intentionally seize the power of casting a solid vision for the life we wish to live, while creating a plan to experience it personally and taking action steps toward it.

Doing this in a group is how we amplify the energy connected to the common outcome we wish for and was part of the process we used in the creation of our first album project, with Rimini’s help.

Rimini contributed a song for both conscious compilation projects we assembled during the Pandemic and her song Future Human on Album22 is really befitting the times we’re presently in.

It’s All Coming Together Now

There’s a famous expression that says it takes a lifetime to be an ‘overnight success’ because no one sees all the time before the glow up when people weren’t kind or considerate about the pursuit of what many perceived to be an impossible dream or ideal. Yet it is possible and we are the ones who will bring it all together if anyone will.

Instead of handing a mess over to the next generation after we’ve made the mistake of trying to decide for them, why not get them involved in the decision making process?

Why not open the conversation with those too younge to advocate for their own self-importance and find out what their gifts are so that they can develop those skills while also trying new things in the process?

‘Why not’ is a powerful question to ask ourselves and others.

So with all of that to consider I ask you why not try casting a vision for the reality you wish to live out and see what comes from it as consistent actions are taken toward in pursuit of the goal cast now.

With great love, respect and in good faith,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. ‘Why Not’ was also where my recommendation of book medicine and Animal Messenger cards to attending youth wasn’t appreciated due to the unofficial Christian foundation of the program I discovered by unintentionally rubbing up against those values. Details another day!

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