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A Contest We Don’t agree To Play In: Omertà & the garden of eden connection

The pattern of Omertà is directly connected to the first Avatar movie that has mesmerized the masses ever since it came out, and now again in the realm of water that the most recent Avatar movie is about; there is a symbolic connection to the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden from the BIBLE here, for the Tree of Life within the water (under) world of Avatar is where the rules are different and stem from a poisoned Tree of Knowledge that ‘stands in’ for the fall of man when he betrayed his authentic nature and broke the rules.

Knowledge has become far less impressive to me as I’ve ventured further down the soulfull rabbit holes that have brought me to the present with the wisdom I have, of knowledge applied to real-life situations where I learned skills and insights to accompany the theories I now have personal experience with, and can thus offer insight from lived experience instead of just being learned in the subject.

What I have also realized is that wisdom is how we become the wizards of our own worlds, by seeing how each identity we have, with every group we see ourselves as belonging to or connected by that we derive our identity from that brings with it an entity we then see ourselves to be related to; is it any wonder corporations would be called corporate entities, as well as corporations?

The story about the Justin(ian) connexion will begin with this mythical tale from an alternative perspective because of the SIN in combining DOGGED language within the syntax of the sentence constructs used in the buying bull book; I recognize some will choose to be so offended by this reference to the BIBLE that they’ll have already stopped reading and shut the browser by now. God forbid I challenge an inherited Belief System (BS) they don’t know how to defend and protect without having a temper tantrum to end the conversation to prevent having to feel into the discomfort of an inconvenient truth being possible, and then move forward from there. I’m glad you’re still reading!!!

I really wanted to dive straight into the mob code of Omertà but the relevance of the new Avatar to the metaphoric story in the BIBLE to the fall of man from Eden, to land in the underbelly of the machine we’ve all been devoured by until now, is significant. That said, I’ll add the link here for the blog I write on it (once I have) so you can go directly there once you know the subliminal messages that are present within the Garden of Eden story.

So let’s get you ‘in the know’!

Adam was informed there were two sacred trees in the Garden of Eden, those being the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ and the ‘Tree of life.’

Eve did not know which tree was which because in the darkness of the evening light it was hard for Adam’s wo-man (wo is title connected to the man in possession of the wo/title) to know the difference, plus Adam didn’t tell her which tree was the tree of knowledge so yes, while she broke the rule of her own accord in a game of ‘russian roulette’ as to whether she had accidentally chose the wrong tree to eat ripened fruit from, she wasn’t quite sure while Adam knew better. Adam knew the apple his woman had eaten came from the same Tree of Knowledge he was warned not to eat from yet he ‘joined her’ anyway and thus wears an “Adam’s apple” in his anatomy to reflect the lie he tried to swallow whole but got lodged in his throat chakra, creating a blockage.

The blockage is indirectly linked to the Southern Italian code of silence and code of honor that places importance on silence in the face of questioning by authorities or outsiders which is known as omertà. It was the energetic pattern I tuned into before I made a call I laugh about now but that didn’t turn out being too fun to go through firsthand because I decided to claim a position of significance before having the status, title or standing to do it.

Here’s what Romley Stewart helped me realize through his research into what he called ‘the Justinian Deception’ about the giant cover-up that anyone who has acquired a status, title or inheritance they would be scared to lose is vulnerable to which makes us all prime targets for the biggest cult of them all: the culture of the cult you are part of and live in the midst of.

The higher the corporate ladder we climb to reach the ripest fruits nearer the top of the tree, the more people and personal relationships we’ve often had to sacrifice in order to perform at the level that receives recognition and reward. And the more certifications, degrees, designations and titles we pursue, the more of our identity gets derived from our sense of identity due to affiliation with a particular group of people who share a particular belief system that works for them who are in it. Such is the nature of a shared mission and vision statement, for each are designed to drive the direction of channeled resources into the community that we are all called to care for with compassion.

It’s time for us to start rebuilding our communities, one get together at a time, and when we do we have to agree to leave our colours, flags, banners, logos, brands, and affiliations ‘out of the picture’ so that we can connect on common ground as the men and women who are alive at this time to turn this ship around despite the high cost doing so comes with.

I remember tuning into the energetic pattern of Omertà when the magic of the moment started moving too fast for me to want to slow it down or tone my excitement down in the process, yet what I learned were the limits of other people’s comfort zones, and how ineffective ungrounded knowledge is when it triggers the nervous system response within another which are your preprogrammed responses from childhood traumas as to how we kept ourselves safe at that time in our lives. We have to remember which part of us is responding and who we were modelling when that aspect of us learned that particular response.

This is the reason, I believe, we are in the state we currently are and need not be bound by any longer than we already have been.

Now is our chance to turn the tides that have been directing the current seas we’ve been sailing on unawares and we’ve got to be prepared to ride out the storm despite the turbulence that is likely to befall us if we’re not more full of care in how we approach and maneuver the situation.

When I went through all I did leading up to that fateful call I made to authorities, who couldn’t see nor believe what I was trying to inform them I’d tuned into energetically, that got my locked up for nearly three weeks in 2019 I quickly discovered that the world was not what I’d been taught or thought up till that time in my life. I celebrated the 32nd anniversary of my arrival on this planet while in-turned there and despite the circumstances I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the people I was imprisoned with under the modern day witch hunt, legalized and normalized, known as the Mental Health Act.

I had tuned into the energetic pattern of Omertà when I realized a local pot shop that I’d discovered in 2018 and frequented at times as a place to smoke, write and connect with people I was unlikely to otherwise meet. I considered it the local watering hole where hurting souls went to buy the master teacher marijuana is without any connection to the sacred nature of what we’re actually doing. And while I got judged pretty hard for involving myself with ‘that kind of place’ and ‘those kinds of people’ I likened it to the stories told about the man referred to as Jesus in the BIBLE who was friends with people from ‘unsavory’ social groups too; so it was that I happily proceeded on my path until the day I tried to make something happen before it was time.

The 48 hours leading up to the fateful call that flipped my world upside down were magical beyond measure and contributed to the heightened state I was in when I started painting with my words in a novel way that incorporated symbolism, myth and energy into my literal depictions of the world as I was experiencing it. In the end on my ordeal when I finally asked what the diagnosis was the man acting as a Psychiatrist said I’d had a psychotic episode and due to my history it was suggested I have bipolar tendencies.

Here’s what wasn’t discussed in that meeting when I withdrew myself from their institutional count, despite the Doctor’s personal guarantee that I would fail to self-regulate and that I should go to the Emergency Room the next time I got ‘this way’ again:

  • We live in a Universe of equals and opposites that balance one another out if we allow space for its organic unfoldment
  • The professionals couldn’t keep me any longer than they had when I exercised my right to leave and their form expired
  • They only had authority over my person, which I was implied to be (surety for) which is why they kept trying to trick me with false offers
  • A record stays with your person for as long as you use the same ‘charge card’ which our trust/account is the equivalent to
  • There are energetic patterns within corporate institutions that people in vulnerable states are more attuned to

The pattern of Omertà is a significant factor in the present state of affairs within this messed up world we’re living in, but that’s because we’ve mixed things up so badly that we have developed differing mental concepts to go with physical things we don’t fully understand. Furthermore, what has been misunderstood has long been disregarded and tossed aside for more fashionable things and the Mental Health Act and Prison system have been ideal places to lose people throughout our story.

I didn’t fully comprehend what I was tuning into back in September 2019 when I went through an expanded state of awareness that I now refer to as ‘my messy awakening’ because of how it panned out when I tuned into the energetic patterns I had previously been unaware of.  Now I better comprehend the impact and influence of that energetic pattern and the others I had only felt at the time it all became ‘too much’ and I stopped trying to slow myself or my nervous system down to a manageable level and so that’s what I’ll be sharing in the lead up to Sunday’s call on the Justin(ian) Connexion you may not have realized the significance of yet. I hope to see you there and feel free to watch Romley Stewart’s HIDDEN SYSTEM video if you have a chance too.

Prepare to have your mind blown and your emotional barrier shattered in the transformation of self-image that you can either go through alone or in good company. You get to choose and I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of support from people who have lifted heavy emotions so can hold sacred space without judgement of that which we realize you are moving for us all.


Laura jeH – Namaste

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