Your REAL Job Isn’t The One You Get Paid For… DAY FIVE of 66

    When I worked at the gym I sold gym memberships but what I REALLY did was sprinkle magic on members.

    While I got paid to get people started on their fitness journey with a company, what made me good at it was the self-esteem boost I gave those I helped get started when appropriate and to the existing members I celebrated whenever they came in. 

    Reading people and situations is key when you decide to shine in all your glory because there will be some who are blinded by your light and others who are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. The ones in the middle who aren’t quite sure are the golden nuggets in the sand because they are the ones who want what you have but don’t know it yet. 

    Our job is to help them say yes to themselves. 

    Whatever you get paid to do is your J.O.B. because you’re supposed to Just Obey Boss but what you’re really there for is to serve as a beacon of hope to those who are lost in the darkness of ignorance, fear and solitude.

    We live in an extreme time. We’ve never been more connected and yet disconnected from each other than now and the daily doing has taken over our ability to be present and gift those who are hungry to be seen with the gift of seeing them.

    Being present is how we honour others and ourselves, and here’s why. 

    The past and future hold no power. They are not-now moments that we have no ability to change in the now. We can only change our attachment to them by bringing ourselves back to the present moment where we have the most power.

    Our REAL job is to use that power of presence to celebrate ourselves and others for making positive changes to all aspects of our life because all of it matters and all of it impacts other things. 

    Part of feeling F.U.L.L. is about “Letting go of your attachments to the not-now moment” because if we don’t we are doomed to further the illusion of separation that we have bought into. Cubicle syndrome, if you will, where we all walk around as if we’re in our own little cubicle and the screen we’re often distracted by is the container of our presence. 

    Sprinkling magic on someone can be as simple as making eye contact, smiling and congratulating them for making a positive choice for themselves. And while so many people are caught up in the doing, magical opportunities are lost in the present, never to be repeated. 

    There is no sense being miserable or mean because it serves no one, least of all you, and in a world where selfishness has become a tactic for self-preservation, realize that the most self-ish thing you can do is smile at the mirrors around you. That’s what we all are to one another in the end, and your smile will come back to you multiplied!

    Try it and let me know how it changes your experience of the job you get paid for!

    Much love, 

        Laura JeH – Namaste

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