The New Month Heralds Opportunities To Expand Our Awareness & Even The Playing Field


It’s the start of a new month that holds limitless potential for all who seize the day!

I’ve been moving through heavy energies I’d pressed down before and got to come face to face with, to feel and heal, last month and while the process of integrating energy doesn’t stop just because the page of the calendar we’re looking at changes, it has become clear that being a wandering generality instead of a meaningful specific isn’t as helpful as could be with greater clarity.

This month I want to have real talks about what really matters in this life and to do it I’m bringing some uncommon knowledge to light.

Last month I assembled a report called The Justinian ConneXion that breaks down the roots of the legal fiction and some of the branches we can see being used against the unsuspecting. It’s time for us to get real and stop letting bullies call the shots without being accountable for the harm caused by the choice to uphold a massive fraud at the expense of us all. If you’ve never heard of an imperfect usufruct system then after gaining access to this report you’ll better understand how the de facto, UNIDROIT, corporate government has been able to get away ‘scott free’ with all that has been underway during this play (Act) that’s been unlawfully playing out with the consent of those still blindly trusting pirates.

Those subscribed to emails from me (use the sign up box to opt in now) will be given the opportunity to participate in live roundtable talks that take this knowledge to a deeper level than I was able to do on my own. Donations for the efforts made to bring it into form are gratefully accepted with appreciation and will go toward getting this message out to a wider audience faster than I can alone; choosing to become a monthly sponsor on Patreon would be great or choose a one-off donation of your choice via PayPal. Thank you for your support either way!

Earlier today I read another section of the report LIVE and will share more as the month progresses. Check it out and leave a comment with questions we can unpack on the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Assembly group on Telegram or Where Misfits Fit: PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United on Facebook where I have made the PDF report available.

With love,

Laura jeH – Namaste

PS. In case you missed the first section read last month about ‘Legal Piracy On Common Lands’ check it out here.

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