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Weaving Stronger INNER WEBS Will Be Something Else Now + Court-land Community Night Coming

What’s the point of putting your life on hold in order to fulfill commitments no one else is committed to or even aware of?

I don’t feel there is much of one after having done so for such a long time, not fully knowing how to balance all the roles an entrepreneur has even without the titles or salary: content creator, recorder, editor, publisher, promoter, networker, coach and the list goes on. Yet there is also a lot of gold in the archives that would benefit from being revisited and built upon which is what we can now do.

Last night was supposed to be the next Weaving Stronger INNER WEBS session to uplift our sense of self-Worth, Esteem, Belief and (INNER) Security but I had an opportunity to present to a local group about all the alternative perspectives I’ve developed over the last few years so I took it without regret.

At first I’d intended to do a live stream of the content to my YouTube channel but then didn’t want to impose external input into a group I’m new to, so I didn’t worry about going live or sharing the course content when I was sharing other concepts that equally fit into the big picture. And now I’m going to share the big picture with you.

Album23 is a way to create a supportive community of artists, creators and big personalities who will have a chance to do the inner work in good company, while also sharing industry insights and tricks of the trade that will save ‘up and coming’ artists from having to learn them the hard way. It’s a labour of love that is in process but once we’ve got a stronger sense of community then we’re going to create a playlist by artists with high vibing frequencies, lyrics and intentions embedded into the music that changed them. It’s going to be evolutionary!!!

The Weaving Stronger INNER WEBS course needs to be converted into a podcast so more people have a chance to hear about it and enjoy the content, without it just going into an endless www.url(d) folder that rarely gets seen. I will be working to get this set up on a platform other content creators can benefit from being aware of as well so will let you know when that’s available!

The Justinian ConneXion has consumed my attention over the last month and I’m working on writing the story that will be told live in Courtland on Saturday February 11 at Vivian’s Country Cookin’ between 4:30-5:30pm. It’s the most fascinating tale that ties so many loose ends together that I’m excited to be sharing what I’ve found and how we can use it in the modern age we’re living in. Another talk and discussion will take place from 7:30-8:30pm following the catered meal Vivian and her team are providing for this private event so reservations are required. Reply to this message to say you want to be there for this ‘first read’ of a tale I believe serves us to be aware of, without stopping there.
Coffee and teas will be available throughout the evening for a cash donation ($10 recommended) and doors will open at 4pm. To enjoy a catered meal between 6-7pm in the banquet hall it’s $30 and gives you a choice between: perch and chips with coleslaw, OR chicken parmesan with pasta, OR cheese tortilinni soup as the vegetarian option. Coffees and teas are part of this meal deal. And if you want to grab a copy of my book FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW they’re $25 each or 5 for $100 if you have a few friends you’d like to hear my tale.
The community building component of what’s required now is unfolding beautifully and I am so grateful to get to be part of bringing it all together as that’s what part of my role here is, I believe. I will share details as soon as I have them to share.
I hope this excites you and that the wait has been worthwhile.
It has taken a long time for me to get myself and my thoughts organized in a way that can help others apply the wisdom I gained from taking the untrodden path.
PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United is an initiative I conceptualized and outlined the full meaning of in my book and it has been organically unfolding for years but now it’s time for things to ramp up in a new way. Trainings, Summits, Podcasts, collaborations and community building opportunities are all coming!
I am grateful to be alive at this time with you so that we can be the change we seek in this world. And whenever the bigger picture feels overwhelming just remember that you’ve only got to focus on your next move and take action from where you are!
With love and respect,
Laura jeH – Namaste

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