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New Beginnings Under The Full Moon Light

It’s the beginning of the final quarter of the craziest year in huEmanity’s history.

Befitting it would also host the ‘Harvest Full Moon’ that symbolizes completions, realizing desires, and peak states of clarity. It is a time to celebrate our growth, reflect on the progress we’ve made and take stock of just how far we’ve come during what has been a year full of changes for us all.

It is with profound gratitude that I write this message on a newly designed website that has underwent a transformation equal to my own as old skins were replaced with new ones that will support me as the spiritual leader, coach and guide I have become throughout the sacred sojourn my soul has maneuvered, particularly over the past few years. It took nearly a decade for me to adopt this role with confidence in my own ability to help others maneuver the hazardous terrain on unchartered inner territory and as Trevor Hall sings in one of my favourite songs, “You can’t rush your healing.”

I am beyond grateful for the supports I have in this world and intend to share many of them with you in the podcast I recently launched called P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L.L. I.N.N.E.R. Warriors United. The first episode is up and available here.

What is coming is even more exciting but I’ve learned a crucial lesson about sharing prematurely that I want to offer to save you from the hard path I walked to get it.

Don’t share what you’re working on with others until it’s done, lest you leak vital energy and run out of gas before you reach your destination.

Back in 2017 I had intended to finish writing my first book and celebrate its launch on October 10 as my ’30th Birthday Book Launch’ and I talked about it often as if it was unquestionably going to happen.

I invested in a self-publishing school training program to learn how to make it happen, and wrote countless pages in the lead up to it but I’d failed to understand a few crucial details:

1. I had some major limiting beliefs and patterns that plagued me with self-doubt, fear and self-criticism where releasing my creative baby were concerned.

2. One pattern involved giving unqualified individuals authority in my creative process (misalignment stems from energetic misqualification regardless of the credentials).

3. Sharing what I was going to do distracted me from actually doing what was required to get it done.

4. The stress of not living up to the hype put me in a reactive state that set me back even further. And long after missing it too.

5. Our plan and the Divine plan often have a different timeline.

If I could go back I would play things very differently but that’s not possible because some lessons are best learned the hard way. And it is often our scars that help others learn from our experience without having to go through that pain themselves.

All of it taught me not to share my intentions before I have thoroughly grounded them and I encourage you to hold yours near to your chest (heart) too, bar a trusted guide or support person, whilst continuing to strive diligently in the direction of your dreams.

Let yourself marinate in the sweat of your efforts and use this valuable time of year to clarify your intentions and consolidate your action plan so that it is aligned to where you’re going and who you will become in the process. Clarity is a fundamental piece of I.N.N.E.R. P.E.A.C.E. and that is what will help us all start rowing in the same direction with greater ease, joy and glory.

Stay blessed,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I am especially grateful for the support of my web designer/tech genius friend Brian Escobar who revamped my site for long term ease of use and updating. This process gave me insights into our emotional reaction to change that many are experiencing with the imposed changes and expectations of a return to life before that aren’t coming back. I’ll reveal more about that next time and in the mean time simply say thank you from the bottom of heart @be1creations!

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