Our Environment Shapes Us: What’s Your Story?


This is no nature versus nurture message though I deeply believe that our biography determines our biology and far too many of us have accepted other people’s biography as our own without conscious participation in the integration process.

That’s because before the age of 7 we don’t have a conscious mind to filter out the information that is fed to us and without this discerning force available to us, we end up unconsciously accepting everything without discerning the value of any of it.

We’ll get deeper into that another day but for now it’s vital to share my experience of sitting outside of the airBNB where my travel companions and I are staying, writing this message, with a coffee beside me, horse pastures on the other side of the fence to where I sit writing, and views of rolling hills and houses at varying grades of height all around.

It’s lovely, in comparison to the crappy inn we stayed in the two nights before arriving here and has been a powerful reminder of just how important environment is to our creative inspiration.

Right now I feel like my entire world has shifted in a major way, on both the inside and the outside.

I left for a three week sojourn into my own soul in the desert with a friend I trust to hold space for my unfoldment, and me with hers. We are intentionally helping each other unpack the stories that are not serving us and are keeping us in the dingy apartments of life instead of the spaciousness and beauty of a home-away-from-home that costs a bit more but that offers an entirely different experience altogether.

We often get so stuck in our rigid way of thinking that we forget money is not the be all and end all.

People are what matter, and the Mother who supports us all: Planet Earth – Mother Gaia – Our Planet.

Our stories have got us so disconnected from her that we have isolated ourselves and forgot the connection we all share.

This false story of disconnection makes us feel unsafe, insecure, uncomfortable and uneasy in the game of life that we are all playing so very well, some better than others, but all playing to the best of our ability.

The thing about transformation is that it requires becoming aware of the stories that have governed our choices until now and how those stories are serving us. We must remember that no matter what our history is, our future will be a reflection of what we choose to put our energy and intention into now.

My intention for this message is for you to be reminded of how powerful you are as the co-creator of your reality, remembering that the moment you catch yourself in a story that no longer serves you, you have an opportunity to change the story and begin to alter its level of influence within your inner realm.

Remember too that beating yourself up for running the old story, no matter how many times you have intentionally interrupted and reprogrammed it, is self-abuse and not helpful.

Acknowledge the idea, become aware of its impact on you and choose your next action step from there.

After sitting outside writing and listening to the birds before my friends got up this morning, I was reminded that money is a tool that helps us create experiences that will be stored in the heart for life.

Fear is powerful until we stop giving it power. I am working through a lot of my fear-full tendencies in this experience and I am grateful for the awareness I received this morning in this beautiful space!

What is the biggest story that sabotages you and what do you say to yourself to reprogram it? If you’re not sure what to replace it with but are aware of the story, please share that too as it’s an opportunity for us all to learn and grow together.

We don’t need to have all the answers, just the willingness to ask the question about what will serve us better.

Much love,

Laura JE Hamilton

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