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Lest We Forget Our Time To Lead Ourselves Is Now!!!

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I feel like some strange mixture of Khalessi and Braveheart and all the other hero archetypes who feel that peace is possible once the old has been replaced with a more well rounded perspective but often get punished for their conviction to a truth that counteracts the existing ones before they have time to fully realize their vision.

They are reflections of the warrior archetype that some of us embody, but all of us share four survival archetypes that challenge us to become response-able parents to our cell(ve)s.

We must become familiar with the language of archetypes and know the 4 survival archetypes which I discussed in detail in the third PEACEFULL INNER Warriors Summit with Tim Wheatley, where I went into the sacred and scared side of the survival squad: victim, child, prostitute and saboteur.

“Just the crew we want behind us,” said sarcastically, until we learn how to move these aspects of ourselves into their sacred side so that we learn what we will not sell ourselves out for (sacred prostitute), what it means to make response-able decisions as the parent to your own inner child, what it will take for us to win and the will to act on it (sacred saboteur) and what we will take a stand for as the empowered victim turned warrior.

No matter what you have been until now you have a chance to change your self-image so that you see yourself as one who can instead of who has to ask if they can. No my friends, it is time we take our power back from the officials who may be doing their best to follow the policies and procedures but if it means people get overlooked in the protocol I believe it’s time for us to let our humanity win before we have been overtaken to the point of no return.

We have paid money to the movie theatres to promote their version of events but what we have forgot is that we came to planet Earth to actually be the people that movies are written about, because of what we chose to do with our days as the chosen ones we truly are. And so I hope that you will choose to join myself and Kip Brooks for the PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Summit on Tuesday January 5 at 7pm EST where we’re going to talk about Legacy.

Can’t wait to have you there with us and if you’d like to jump on screen with us then grab the details in our Meetup group so that we can start connecting in multiple places so that things don’t all rely on one medium that can now be easily taken away if we don’t agree with the mainstream narrative IF we are not care-full and take our response-ability for the present day circumstances we find upon us now.

Archetypes are incredibly influential patterns in our energy field that carry momentum of like-kind with them so they’re familiar to us and seem to carry more weight. Each archetype represents a character that we could play given the name of it with generally unanimous understanding as to what it means to be a ‘joker’, ‘mother’, ‘rebel’ or ‘misfit’ for instance.

I’ve been all of those things without ever giving birth to a biological baby because I have followed my dream and you are now seeing it play out in real time and I am grateful to be sharing the journey and dream with you!

I believe that we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for and sometimes we just need someone to remind us of our brilliance in the moments when we have lost track of how to do it for ourselves.

Check out the intro to the survival archetypes from the summit and I’ll look forward to hopefully seeing you on the Summit Tuesday January 5 at 7pm EST!!!  Invite a friend so we can all be part of the expansion of consciousness together and influence the tipping point like Woodstock and the like did for us all those years ago when we started to wake up from the mitote we have been lulled to sleep by.

Don Miguel Ruiz talks about that in the book we’ll be reading on Thursday (Jan 7) at 7pm so come and join us for that live, and check out the video I did reading the introduction 9 months ago when I fully surrendered to the Divine and said ‘lead me, I am willing to follow.’ And now here we are.

It’s been a trip!

Grateful to have made it to this level of awareness with a heart to share it with others! That’s my favourite part so be sure to stay connected for the deep dive into you that we’re going to do together.

Love and blessings sent your way and hope to see you tomorrow on the Summit – be sure to RSVP & join us on Meetup!

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. The Shambhala Temple of Light has began beginner’s classes that you’re invited to attend. I worked this Saturday but the next two I intend to attend live and will share the experience on my page and YouTube channel too. I’m also trying to get to 1k subscribers by the end of the month and am nearly at 600 so your support and endorsement to soulfull seekers you know could benefit from emotional resiliency training like what I’ll be sharing in the 33 Days to Dream A New Dream series so share the love!

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And join in for weekly Sacred Sunday Services that will have to work around my schedule so I’ll update on meetup and my website when I know I’m free 🙂

Yep, I work at a grocery store on the front lines as a cashier and love what I do because it gives me a chance to connect with the highest volume of souls that any job probably does.

What a gift I had no idea how to appreciate until I accepted it and began to look at life in an entirely different way.

Sometimes getting grounded before leaving for the next adventure seriously helps and that’s why I’m putting together this guide for you through the sacred sojourn of transformation as an individual and also as part of the collective consciousness that we share as conscious cocreators.

More on that another day.. hope you enjoyed and would love to hear from you. Till then, in love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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