The Soulfullness in Your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Practice… DAY EIGHT of 66

Rainbows In Cloudy Skies

    It’s the start of a new week and time to create a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Practice to support you in your transformation. 

    The first thing is to realize you are a spiritual being having a human experience so while it’s easy to get caught up in the hamburger reality that we live in, we must also remember that we are so much more than just the meat suit that transports our Soul through this world in. We must also remember that there is so much more at play than we’re able to see from our limited perspective too. 

    Right now my focus is distracted by the reality that my Papa is still in hospital and rather than improving he’s looking about as bad as he was when he went in on October 9th. I would love and appreciate your sending him some love and prayers for returned health and strength during his recovery – thank you in advance!  

    It’s scary to know someone you love so much isn’t well and you don’t know how to help or what to do. 

    Back in 2009 when I graduated from University, my plan was to go teach abroad and I got the certification, and specializations, to be able to do it well but Papa had just been diagnosed with bladder cancer and I didn’t want to leave while he was in a precarious state. He got through that and I am glad I made the choice I did for how it led to me this moment now. Once again, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the whole world than with them both through all that is coming down the pipeline now. 

    I have a special relationship with both of my Grandparents and when Julius (my cat) and I moved in last October, when I hit my lowest point and returned to the tribal home base to recalibrate and strengthen my foundation before launching forward, I joked that it was the perfect opportunity to get my favourite three creatures under the same roof and I meant it. 

    My Papa and I have a bond that transcends this lifetime. We are kindred spirits and even share the same soul group of origination which means when our Souls first incarnated into physical form we both went to the same star system for the first go-round because it was most vibrationally familiar to the essence of our being. I know this because it’s part of the Soul Realignment work I do with clients and that I did for him a few years ago. I’ll share more about how I know that and how I can help you discover the energetic properties you are most aligned to and abundant in too soon. 

    For now it’s time to reconnect with your Soul and the fastest way is by utilizing your full breath.

    A powerful technique I’ve shared with high school students, the elderly, and everything in between is full belly breathing that helps you bring your power back into the present moment. 

    A great way to get the energy flowing is to place your left hand above your heart and your right hand on top of your belly.  As you breathe make sure your right hand lifts up first because it reflects the depth of breath you’re able to access both for this situation and all the ones that follow it. 

    Instead of filling our lungs from the top down, it’s about intentionally starting at the very bottom and filling up from there. Your hand placement will help you keep track of where your breath is coming from so breathe deep and fill your belly and lower diaphragm with oxygen first and then move into the remaining chamber which is your upper chest. 

    This simple exercise will help you return to the present moment which is the only moment where any of us have any power. 

    Realize too that when you get yourself back in the present you will be able to notice the symbolic, mythic and energetic realms that fear has a tendency to keep us from seeing. 

    I don’t believe it’s an accident that I am living in my Grandparents’ home while all of this is going on, even though the rational part of me doesn’t understand the full symbolic significance of it yet. I don’t need to for it to unfold as it’s meant to.

    Your Soul understands the reason behind things like this and so as you use your breath to call your power back to the present moment, remember that everything is working out for your greatest and highest good, even when it feels like it isn’t.

    Your Soul chose to be here now for a reason so make it a great start to your week by coming back to the present and looking for the meaning underneath of the veils of illusion that have kept you playing at less than your best. 

    You are a spec of light contained in physical form so shine on, my friend, and breathe fully.

    Much love, 

        Laura JeH – Namaste

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