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I posted an unfiltered version of this message to my “PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United Group” on Telegram so if you’re not already in it, be sure to join today, and thought it may be of interest! It’s inspiration:

I’ll admit I just rewatched that video just now and really enjoyed it.

It was fun, playful and full of soul-full in-sights to help you remember how to grow up within your own inner ruler-ship or kingdom.

And then we must see that the kind King and compassionate Queen within our own inner kingdom must commit to coming down from the ivory tower they hid away in as experts without an audience and now are being called to move down to their right-full place on the soul throne of our sacred chamber of the heart.

We are all now called to be the foot-warriors (not soldiers) of faith who know what we stand for and are willing to fight a re-sistance which is, by definition “help, aid, assistance” that has been offered before (re-play).

Now we’re being called to offer help and assistance to our fellow man, of which we all must reclaim our LIVE status as living, breathing (in-spirit-ed) souls incarnate or we will remain bound to an evil (live backwards) matrix-mind of under-mining us, the real estate being fought for, as minors of our own inner resources, in the name of in-doctor-nation like we’re now experiencing as the pharmaceutical industry attempts to implement a full covert takeover in the name of the ‘greater good’.

It’s difficult to watch the world be divided by love and fear, knowing the two opposing forces cannot coexist in the same space if we are willing to help faith win, which takes practice and commitment.

It’s similar to the concept of cognitive dissonance, when two competing ideas come together and fight for territory within the real estate of our inner kingdom as the parable of the two wolves within plays out within our cells of faith or FEAR that are constantly battling within.

As we clear out the shadow aspects of our own scared nature we can real-eyes :realize that it is how we feel when we are not living in alignment with who and whose we true-lie are and came here to be that we develop issues with our sacred nature. And therein lies the crux of the problem we are all called to face: the choice between feeding the SCARED or SACRED aspects of ourselves.

Now is our time dear fellow warriors of the inner realms!!!

For it is time for us to under-stand the LAWS so we can learn to master Land, Air, Water and Space as the jurisdictions of judgement that we must all master if we are to rise above the LAW and become an anointed one whose 4D Matrix mind of the Christos Consciousness descends to be integrated so that we are able to merge with the higher dimensional consciousness of oneness without a middle man. The epitome of self-mastery.

We are the centre point of the Maltese Cross that is the symbolically grounded expression of our humanly cell-F in the chart of the Divine Presence and our three fold self expressed vertically instead of horizontally as we’re most accustomed to play along the lines of. These shifts in under-standing require trained knowledge paired with intuitive discernment and that’s what we’re going to talk about. The Maltese Cross is covered in the “Saint Germain on Alchemy” book reading I did earlier in the year that I will soon be revisiting as part of a book study you are welcome to journey through with me!!!

Would you be interested in participating in a live group mastermind call about it?

I am feeling in-spired; in-spirited! How about you?

Where’s everyone at with life right now and finding your reason for being here?

Let’s open up conversation in a real way that helps us release our FEARS by exposing their root and plucking stinking thinking out instead of letting it grow where it takes up the space that faith otherwise holds.

De-sire. De means ‘of’ and sire means “A lord, master, or other person in authority” so the question we must continually ask ourselves is “what do you wish to give birth to?”

Do you realize how all Maritime/Admiralty LAW uses ship analogies?

Our body is the ship we are cruising through life in and right now I feel like this is the best imagery to plant in your minds for this moment before writing more once with better under-standing how this sits and fits for you who are pre-sent to be connected now. At this particular time in our story, rather than just his-story.

We are all learning from one another when we create our own well sourced and intended content, and gather in common-unity where we can be real and keep what really matters in life front of mind without getting distracted by the bells and whistles.

Let us be conscious co-creators together in this REALITY game experience that our soul is playing as the character of us.

Recognize how your self image fits into your portrayal of your-self.

Made of cells you either feed FEAR or faith, you choose which side you will feed your energy to and without trying to move anyone’s Grand Overall Designer into our box – because GOD is all things so cannot just be in the box, around the box or even just the box itself. God is all one, which is whole and complete in itself, it’s just how God experiences its cell-F as all of us combined.

It’s a great image to use as we are called to drop the walls on all our movements so the former walls can become bridges that unite us and help us decide to say to heck with the gosh darn lies that make the obvious oblivious until you have real-eyes to see the lies of what you cannot not see overtly once you know what to look for.

What do you think?! Wanna come on a journey with me?

Let’s learn to play the game of life at a higher level than we previously knew to aspire to with the help of common-unity!

Leave a comment to let me know what this message means to and for you and what you’re willing to do about it so I know how to add value to your experience on the sacred sojourn of your soul in this Great Uni-Verse: One Song we are all experiencing together.

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