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I AM Doing The Best I Can… LAW, KISS & SMART: Connecting Commonalities

Another week has come and gone with much achieved and little updates sent because I’m doing my best to keep up with the magick of the moment and sometimes it takes catching up with this after the storm has passed, as that can be the feel of emotions when they show up with a lot of momentums with them!

I am coming to better understand the four lower bodies as described in the teachings of the ascended masters and resonate with the concept that we all have a physical, mental, emotional and etheric body to deal with the energy of. And sometimes we manage to do that better than at others.

I have been on a deep dive into spiritual theory from a non-religious perspective for a long time, but it’s only been in the last two years that the law has even been something I considered relevant to me, ironically enough. Here’s why ironic.

The LAW is the very thing we must live our entire lives under the rule of and if we never find out that actually applies to the jurisdictions where the sacred word has power, that is when we feel astounded to real-eyes that Land, Air, Water and Space are the jurisdictions that LAW is able to pass judgement, and if we’re only aware of one then the judge in the other two will get us locked up simply because we didn’t say they couldn’t.

Land = Common Law jurisdiction between men and women on common grounds with virtuous standards of engagement. In the Hierarchy of Creation, Hue-Man Beings are right under God or the creator, which are both above government which was created by man to protect the property of man. Before then public courthouses, judges,police, persons (legal fiction = NAME IN ALL CAPS), Legalese (statues/codes/acts/constitutions) All are policy (legal) of the crown corporation. And then corporations or the fictions that have been governing unsuspecting citizens until now.

Air = Ecclesiastical Law or cannon law which are the policies and procedures piece on contract law which takes us to

Water = Admiralty / Maritime Law or contract law which means that we become liable for what we are willing to agree to which is the reason that compliance is consent. We must also remember that what we tolerate the next generation will embrace unless their course is redirected and they are forced to question things before we’ve been led too far off course.

Space = God, time, Universe, Universal Presence, Life

While the courts cannot outrightly govern that which remains nameless and therefore uncontrollable, they have become hungry corporations that feed off the vulnerable prey of people who don’t know enough about their rights to properly advocate for themselves.

I have always been an advocate for people’s rights even when it wasn’t my job simply because I believe we all deserve a chance if we’re willing to get ourselves in the way of opportunity. And I have certainly been doing that by saying yes when called to various opportunities lately that all seem to be coming together this weekend when I film an intro series for you to understand what my work is all about and why I feel qualified to guide you through this process.

My writing has tightened up quite a bit and I am enjoying the way it flows now like an old friend that’s been waiting to  catch up for a while now, so I hope it helps you paint yourself into the picture more than if you were just reading about someone else’s story.

I am hoping that through the telling of these messages, you are going to come to feel like you know me and understand why I believe I am not only an adequate guide through the sacred journey of transforming your self-image, I am the ideal guide for you because what I want to do is remind you of your power and how to plug it in response-ably. I want to help you remember that where your attention goes your energy flows because as my friend Jeff shared with me:
I am hollow and your light flows through me.

The question is the source of that light and whether we are getting our inspiration direct from the highest levels of consciousness, or just the highest level of our awareness based on the highest perspective your soul has access to.

I am thinking of my friend Mike who passed away with another young lady (19) from a bad batch of drugs and I see how easy it is to be overtaken by the side of excess and too muchness if we break our give a damn button and begin to share too much of ourselves with people who don’t have the capacity to hold space for you to reach those levels of inner knowing the way a sacred question can, and so many are seeking the psychedelic.

I am no stranger to the benefits of plant medicine and participated in 8 DMT ceremonies between February-April 2019 when my world really flipped around and I no longer saw life as limited the way it seemed was being culturally promoted. I like to break down words and often now say that culture is the cult you are representing/reflecting and “culturally promoted” simple-lie /simply means the cult-you-rally-with promotes /endorses that message. And thus it puts cognitive dissonance to the side.

But what is cultural dissonance?

It is essentially where two competing ideas are coexisting in the same space and the baby idea is a great risk and threat to the existing ones who want no part of the perceived threat and so will begin to cast the new one out unless stopped or interfered with. It’s like male lions who will actually get rid of alternative lions’ cubs so that the lioness’ will go back into heat and prepare her womb to sir his next generation. Another generation of ones who conform to the rules set out by the leader of that group, and if you ever want to see who the leader of a group is, get them all in a room and see who they look to for guidance when they are uncertain. That is the clear indication that must be understood, recognized and respected the way we are now needing to call the LAW to be with and towards us now.

And it is also time for us to recognize how good and bad faith are actually important definitions in this whole Pendemic.

It is time for us to wield the power of the sacred word together in commune – community. And we will be doing it via zoom at 5:30pm EST. You get can more details about the event on though Manj is no longer able to cohost so I have no idea specifically what will be coming but what I now see is the need to create bully resilience training for regular people looking to live harmoniously with others in this beautiful space called plan-ET Earth so it will likely be centred around that. Earth is a school for hue-mans of all colours to explore what it means to be alive fully and to play full out with others who are willing to do the same in a kind, compassionate, considerate and peaceful way.

What would it be like to realize that your entire life you have been gathering the leaders of your sphere of influence who you keep in mind when things are mentioned as they happen and what specifically is said about it.

Keep It Simple Sugar is the KISS it principle that we need to be mindfull of and my messages often go way beyond because there’s just always so much more to say.

And then what is simplicity but the SMART acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound.

There are so many ways to store important information in memorable ways and these are just three examples of that. If you don’t want to get more info but you do want to join me directly at 5:30pm EST on zoom then you can access that call right here as well if you please:

Meeting ID: 965 4896 5361

Passcode: PEACE

With that I guess I’ll say until next time which I hope to have included a menu of some of what has been posted. If you haven’t connected with me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram & the land of Zoom, you’re missing out and can get the links to them all at

Having supported myself through several rough patches where the support system I need was not there the way I’d expected them to be, I went through the feelings of betrayal and downward spiralling emotions that truly take us into hells of our own creation.

With that I’ll simply say that I had no idea that I was being forged as a warrior when I was going through all of the riping apart of my identity as I became who I came here to be and I’ll admit that I almost didn’t make it a few times when I let the fear of those who don’t understand what I’m trying to do to penetrate the dream that I was trying to foster.

It was like bringing a baby home to abusive family members and telling them to babysit for as long as they want unattended. As gruesome as that sounds, it’s what happens with cognitive dissonance when we bring home a new idea and then hand it over to all the competing evidence that has generally been there for a whole lot longer.

It’s one of those moods where I’m evidently extra chatty so in the name of getting this message out there in time to have some guests to share it with on with me live, I’ll wrap up for now and say I look forward to picking this up where I’m leaving off now…

Enjoy your night and hope you can join the conscious conversation!

Laura JeH – Namaste : The light in me honours the light in you

PS. Album 22 is starting to really come to life so I can’t wait to share more with you about that next time too! 

PPS. Happy birthday to my one and only brother Andrew who turns 35 today! A healthy man with two beautiful children, happily married and living the dream up near his wife’s family because they are incredibly helpful and devoted parents. I am glad he has the family he does and that he chose as well as he did! Marrying Charlotte was definitely a league changer!

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