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I Got A Date & Will Be Enjoying My Freedom Today!!!

Today my heart overflows with gratitude for all that’s happening, under the surface, just as the sun seems to peak out for brief grand appearances that give me hope for a better tan as I ponder whether to hit the beach, a second day in a row.

I want to keep this short and sweet today, offering an update along with an encouraging reminder that every closed door helps us find the crack of light streaming into the darkness from the open door behind us we didn’t even know to look for.

Friday was the date on the summons I was hand-delivered by an officer two weeks after speaking at a rally in April, where I was calling for leaders of movements to connect and drop the walls on all our respective boxes of B.S. so we can use them as bridges to expand the platform we’re all called to stand on, together, without losing our foundation of familiarity in what we’ve all respectively been working on leading up to our coming together.

It’s happening slowly but surely as the lies are exposed, as is required.

That event introduced me to many key people, leaders and opportunities including the need to deal with the consequences of standing for truth publicly so I am grateful I listened to the call when guided to attend and see if I could get on stage.

While not religious in any way, I am very faith-full and shortly after receiving that summons and ramping up my study of common law (and decrees – spiritual tools), I was introduced to a man who has truly been a God-send in helping me learn how to draft a notice of non-consent to the fictitious offence of “Individual – Failure to Comply” with Ontario’s Flexible Re-Opening Act, 2020, as well as the two subsequent notices I sent prior to my appearance date I did not attend.

Notably, I posed several key questions in the second (followup) notice they have failed to respond to but will be interesting to have answered. I will share what I discover once I get a reply so stay posted, but don’t hold your breath as I encourage deep, unmasked, belly breathing for genuine wellness as officials would be promoting too if this really was about health!

Their lack of response demonstrates a lack of good faith in practice and the individuals participating in this corrupt scheme will be held to account, personally, as I’ve been saying since the beginning of this con video game drama.

Another man who spoke at the same rally was summoned for the same zoom court so let me know they called my name and were waiting for my arrival, and then when I did not appear, due to the notices I had sent to claim my rights and non-consent to their charge or jurisdiction (very key) the prosector told the judge I had sent several documents about Freeman of the Land, which is incorrect but part of the Meads vs Meads caselaw they use to discredit anyone self-advocating who has not checked all the correct boxes. Apparently the JP didn’t comment, just set a new date of August 11.

Another man who has self-advocated in court successfully informed me that this will be my trial date as a summons is to hear the plea and set a trial date, so I am learning practical lessons in an uncomfortable but important way.

Another woman who is also self-advocating sent me an interesting document that I wound up finding included in a larger document I’m including here for you to review should you wish to. It is about “The History of Today’s Slavery” and a fascinating portrayal of the game we’re true-lie being called to inner-stand now.

Getting locked up for 2.5 weeks against my will under the Mental Health Act in 2019 was, in retrospect, a gift to discover the eye-opening reality that the truth is stranger than fiction and the mental health system is not what it’s sold to be.

It’s also, from my personal experience, the modern day witch hunt legalized and normalized and is what I believe could be used to seal the fate of many who resist the depopulation agenda that is currently underway, if enough of us hadn’t woke up before the trojan horse was left unattended overnight for we are watching.

Thursday at 5:30pm EST we’ll gather again for another Empowering Leaders-of-Self Mastermind group to help us who see through the lies stay strong despite the resistance we encounter for standing for what is right in a corrupted world.

To join that meeting, just click here. And if you’d like to hear the heart centred meeting from last week, catch it here.

Life rarely goes the way we think it should because we do not have a full perspective of the higher purpose to it all.

I am learning to be graceful with myself while getting organized both in my own body of work and with others who are like minded and spirited, and am keeping my Papa young-ish at heart by tending to the flowers he bought for me to plant and care for this year. It’s fun, this growing up process because what I’m learning is that underneath all the bull it’s really simple.

Wishing you peace in your heart and a smile on your face today!

We’ll get through this and be stronger for the battles we fought without letting them taint the goodness of our character.

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. I took a picture of the flowerbed Papa checks on every day to see whether a grub cut off another one, but for some reason it wouldn’t load and I’m running late for my beach date so the picture you got instead was from my travels in Arizona, at the end of the trail around a scenic pond my fellow travellers and I toured. That was a fun day too! 

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