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Self-Advocacy Requires Confidence & Good Faith

Another week has nearly come and gone with many personal shifts underway as the date for my summons for choosing to publicly self-govern fast approaches and I learn more about what is involved, what my rights are and what is required of me.

It’s a steep learning curve and working through the energies in motion (E-motion) within is a huge aspect of this whole process that is often overlooked, and part of most people’s downfall I am learning.

One is a whole number and yet as it stands, largely influenced by our social conditioning, it seems we have forgot just how significant one man or woman can be in the bigger picture which is the view we must all shift our attention to now.

Many native cultures come from a multi-generational approach where decisions are made based on how they will impact descendants seven generations from when the decision is made, which is the opposite of the instant gratification approach of consumerism and technocratic greed as we are now being led by in bad faith.

Regardless of our heritage, we are all under full fledged attack by a trojan horse familiar to us all which is exactly what makes it so dangerous. The corrupted govern-mental bodies of many countries, Canada especially, is now herding the masses in a long planned attack that we need to know how to self-advocate in or their “divide and conquer” technique will do us in and there won’t be generations ahead to consider.

For that reason I am hosting the second Empowering Self-Advocacy Mastermind today at 5:30pm EST to ensure men and women like you and I know how to stand for our rights even though the corporations would like us to believe we are citizens in their jurisdiction as I’m dealing with now, in an alternative way.

In truth, I’m not sure what today’s meeting will entail specifically because it depends on who shows up and what comes up, for a Mastermind is what occurs when two or more like minds come together for a common purpose.

For this meeting, that purpose is to ensure we are each feeling power-full enough to advocate for what is right, in good faith, which is a definition I’d like to share with you from the Black’s Law Dictionary:

good faith, n. A state of mind consisting in (1) honesty in belief or purpose, (2) faithfulness to one’s duty or obligation, (3) observance of reasonable commercial standards of fair dealing in a given trade or business, or (4) absence of intent to defraud or to seek unconscionable advantage.

Alternatively, the antonym of good faith from Black’s Law Dictionary is:

bad faith, n. Dishonesty of belief or purpose. — Also termed mala fides.

Words are the swords that can set us free when we re-member and reconnect with the power of their definitions. And remember who we are as part of it all.

Did you know you’re not a person? Said in good faith because I’m now aware of the definition and encourage you to be as well.

We’ll go into that today and as I’ll say as the last message for today, “and so the adventure begins!

What a crazy, beautiful world we live in!?

Faith-fully Yours,

Laura JeH – Namaste

PS. The Zoom link is available through the Meetup group description so please sign up or leave a comment/question if you can’t make it, despite the short notice. 

PPS. In the description you’ll also find the link to register for a call with medical professionals challenging Ford’s government on their overreach of power at 8pm EST so to hear what those qualified to say this is outrageous, make sure you join! 

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