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We FEAR What We Leave In The Shadows: Let Us Shine Our Light Brightly

I hope that your week has been as wonder-full as you are!

I also hope that you’ve been reminded of just how wonderful you are, before this message, by someone who re-minded you because they genuinely mean it. And I hope that you’ll do that for someone who could use the reminder too.

It’s 8:55am Saturday morning for me now while I finish writing the message I’d started yesterday, but after 6hours on Zooming through my day on calls, and an evening meeting about the next notice I’m sending in response to the treasonous summons my person (not me, the woman) received a month ago for speaking at a rally, I had a bath when I got home and gave myself the space to write the outline I’ll finally be working out this weekend for a project you’ll have heard much about over the years, depending on how long we’ve been connected.

Speaking of which I would love to know our connecting story and how I can add the most value to you with what you’re facing and what you believe I have to offer you?

Hearing back from you means I can write or record a message with you in mind, for I truly believe that we are all mirrors to one another and those brave enough to speak out represent a greater number who do not yet have the courage to do so but may gain it by your doing so. I hope your bravery is not lost on you when you seize the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, for it is not lost on me so please email me at and be sure to sign up for my emails while you’re here!

I told you in my last message I’d be sharing a controversial message I recorded on a topic I believe is necessary to unpack right now in order to shine light on the shadows that have previously held us hostage as a collective, and thus I’m offering you the link to a rare interview I conducted with Richard Enos, who wrote a series that peaked my interest about Lucifer, who he was and what he represented.

With all the work Michael Seegers and I have done together with “The Michael & Laura Show” I wanted to have Richard share his perspective as a way to open up the conversation about a commonly avoided topic: Lucifer, Luciferianism, False Light & Deceptive Tools Used By The Ruling Class. I’ll also say that I’ve received backlash from certain individuals for even daring to ‘go there’ and that’s ok by me because I don’t believe avoiding a controversial topic that remains so because it’s not understood. I do not believe that does any of us any favours so here we are!

The feedback from the interview has been positive because Richard truly did a great job delivering his perspective and I’d love for you to check it out and then let me know what it means to and for you, and what questions it brings up for you. Ideally in the comments on YouTube but you can also reply personally if that’s more comfortable.

I suspect this is just the beginning of this conversation because questions are where we discover answers we didn’t have before we asked the question. And then other perspectives will come to fill in blanks or clarify any points of contention that might ultimately help us, who are willing to look, gain an awareness we previously lacked.

Looking forward to hearing from you and am wishing you a wonderful weak-end and a strong finish to another month!! Hard to believe how fast time is flying by!!

With love,

Laura JeH – Namaste

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