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10/33: A Shamanic Perspective of a SPECIAL Practice

As a spiritual teacher and empowerment coach I am continually taking courses that expand my perspective and increase my awareness so that I can better connect the dots I have discovered on my journey so far.

Last year I decided to revisit the Munay Ki rites that I had initially received in 2015 while I was living in England but have not been feeding or nourishing the way I could with greater understanding of the process. I signed up for a course on Udemy and this morning I decided to finally make some time for that 8 hour study course because it’s been calling at me.

I’ve learned to heed the signs when they show up lest I receive the two by four whopping of a pre-bus University-grade Universal teacher who comes to offer the same lesson a feather teacher tried to tickle us with. Each time we overlook the message or messenger it came with, a more intense teacher is sent and the cost of each’s lesson is markedly higher.

In the first few lessons she introduced the presuppositions of shamanism which is what we’re all being called to better understand as we dream this new dream together during this poignantly charged time in huEmanity’s history:

  • When we practice non-violence, we create peace.
  • When we use our voice, what we utter becomes true.
  • When we practice integrity we heal the world and it becomes so.
  • When we live in moderation we preserve our life force and live longer health-fully.
  • When we live in generosity, everything is ours for nothing truly belongs to us unless of its own will.

Susan Remel is the teacher of this course – Spiritual Shamanic Initiation The Munay Ki Certified – and claims these are seeds to live our lives by.

She explains the symbolic connection of the Pi Stone to our toroidal energy field that helps us draw in what we speak, which the teachings of the Ascended Masters also speak at great length of the aura and energy fields so it seems to me that they’re talking about the same thing with different language. I am approaching this study with the intention of bridging this process with the teachings of the masters that help us find more truth in one place with fewer boxes to separate us from the truth.

We must pay attention to what resonates with our heart as we chant a rhythm that only we seem to hear and yet which helps us dance into the cosmos despite the judgements and resentments of those around us. Shamanism is a path of initiation and direct revelation whereby we learn to read the signs, symbols and omens the Universe leaves for us as clues that only we may have eyes to understand.

Shamans understand that we must experience it to become it.

It’s an exploration of consciousness and states of being we can only reach by reaching a peace-full state of life.

Experience leads to understanding and wisdom leads to inner-standing which is needed now more than ever!

The essence of shamanism is about combining our awareness to create a full vision for the future with extra tools, techniques and trades than someone with less awareness would realize was available to them. It’s about learning to live at higher emotional states despite the apparent gravity of our external circumstances.

Much like travellers have used maps to explore the world, now it is time to have a guide for the journey inward and each map will be different depending on the planet. For each of us are microcosmos (Planets) of the macrocosm riding Planet Earth, being called to care for her and ourselves better too.

Life is about who we become through the journey and how we help others become more of who they truly are too.

We must set ourselves up for success through ritual and practice, treating each day as if we’ve stepped into the ring of life and our actions leading up to now have either prepared us for what’s coming or not, but either way it will be our actions in the moment that determine whether we will win the war for territory in your mind, heart, spirit and body. The ancient parable of the two wolves fighting within reveal the sides as faith and fear and now we are called to strengthen our faith.

In committing to become a PEACEFULL INNER Warrior we are called to design a SPECIAL Practice that considers the merit and value of each existing tradition, ritual or ceremony that exists and then choose ones to practice that will help us honour ourselves as sacred beings. For now we are being called to remember the truth of who and whose we are from a Universal perspective.

We must understand that all of them have contained keys and traps and our emotions have been used as tools to entrap us for far too long. It is time for us to take our power back by discerning the Emotional Guidance System from a different vantage point.

Let’s apply Abraham-Hicks’ EGS to the apartment building theory I’ve coined the ‘Highrise of Perspective’ that shows how our perspective will be based on the level of emotion we are dwelling at in any given moment. The lower we are the less we can see. The higher we are, the further afield we can see because we don’t allow the fear to entrap us anymore and are able to see the need to dream a new dream together as individuals and PEACEFULL INNER Warriors United.

Now is our chance to walk each other home to our heart centre and reconnect with the remembrance of who and whose we are as the embodied Pi Stones that we are.

Let us walk through the overview of the Sacred Sojourn of the Soul tomorrow, January 10 at 10:10am EST, in a Self-Compassion Service where I’ll introduce the Sacred Sojourn template, guide us through a soul retrieval meditation and prayerfully intend for a week where the revelations coming to the surface send us closer to one another instead of further into an isolated pit of despair.

Isolation is the enemy of sovereign beings here to coexist and co-create. Let us stop defying our own Divine nature and listen to our heart’s instead of those who have let fear shut them down!

I hope to see you tomorrow for the service – the Zoom link is available when you register on Meetup!

Laura JEH – Namaste

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