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Emotional Mining & The Legal Fiction: An Uncommon Relation We Can All Relate To

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There is a spiritual war underway and most groups have been coopted by infiltrators to alter the trajectory of well intended ones and the consciousness of those involved in them without most being aware they’re being played by hidden hands.

The rally speech I gave on April 10, 2021 called me back to life by causing a summons for my person to be issued a couple weeks later which helped me learn that I have a person, in my name, but I am not bound by or to the paperwork identification that I was implied to be once I corrected the error, without contest, nor did I consent to the false charge that would have caused me harm to accept. The charge was stayed before I was able to have my day in court which was scheduled for October 31, 2022 but justice remains outstanding and I intend to correct that error too.

In that spontaneous delivery of my perspective, that you can watch here along with the raw message I shared just after receiving that summons, I pointed out that black magic only works if they tell us what they have planned for us because that is how they claim they remained honour-able; hence the man or woman acting as judge taking on the title of ‘your honour’. And while the general public have not been made aware of the rules of the game until they’re roped in and forced to learn the ropes as they go, all must act with ‘good faith’ if justice is to be served; informed consent is a necessary component of any binding contract and the legal fiction is based on converting us into something other than we originally were so the ones acting on behalf of the corps(e) can apply their rules to those things under its jurisdiction.

I’ve recently wrote several blogs that I believe you’d benefit from reading when you’re killing time and want to receive brain fooder to feed your heart, soul and mind, but for now let’s focus on the legal fiction and how it uses our emotions against us.

Recently I’ve been informed of a situation where a man is being victimized by others who are falsely accusing him of offences he is innocent of any wrongdoing in. This expression of his innocence is different from a plea of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ which actually evoke admiralty/maritime law jurisdictionally because it implies the one on trial is on the defensive, using the fence (box) owned by the Crown corps(e).

The Crown preys on people’s FEAR because it takes us out of the present moment where all our power truly exists, hence the legal system requiring representatives to be present for the one who is not competent in a court of legal jurisdiction where legalese is the language used.

False Emotion Appearing Real is used as bait to keep us in contracted and constricted states. These are holding patterns that follow the same neuro-tracks previous versions of our cells used to maneuver the moment of stress or pain we encountered then; when we re-act we route our decision making process in the present through those same tracks which generally lead us to similar outcomes.

To promote this blog on my TikTok Account I read a few minutes worth of the following part which you can listen to here if you wish.

E-motion is energy that is meant to move so when we stop the motion in the moment when we don’t know how to process it, we -press it down and trap that energy in the memory that time in our lives reflects. And because we live in a Universe where energy cannot be created nor destroyed only displaced or moved this pattern literally keeps the memory alive, hence the experience of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for example which sees those who suffer from it revisit the memory that holds fragments of the soul within the not-now moment it’s been trapped in.

It’s analogous (comparable in certain respects, typically in a way which makes clearer the nature of the things compared.) for mining for gold or gemstones of perceived value from a mine; the mind is the richest mine of all, hence mine being mine.

Imagine a miner pushing a mining cart into a mine to then chisel, chip, blow up and break down solid parts of the wall to loosen them and place the rubble into the cart. Once full imagine pushing that cart down the track toward the quarry station where the contents of the cart can be filtered and refined to find the gems that were hidden within, except bumps and blocks along the way make it hard to push the cart down the track and instead of clearing the track the miner dumps the cart along the side of the track and goes back into the mine to get more.

Unless we clear the track we’re going to get hung up on the same part of the story which is what this metaphor represents.

If we dump the cart along the side of the track every time the going gets tough and we give up out of frustration, irritation, overwhelm, stress or any other ‘lower level’ emotion that knocks us off centre and drains us of our power, the quarry station will remain unused and the tracks will get burdened by all the rocks and rubble brought out of the cave that create bigger and more disruptive blockages that we will struggle to get beyond in the future too.

Within the court system, where colours of law shade our word in subtle ways by asking questions that have us change our response (making our word no longer as firm as when we remain standing on what we originally said), FEAR is used to catch people off-guard. Pirates prey on unguarded vessels most because they’re easy targets and ‘ripe for the taking’. Yet those men and women working on behalf of the corps(e) are not considering the consequences for their soul of fulfilling unconscionable orders which is part of the spiritual war we’re all in the eye of the storm of.

To break the spell and illusion of the corporate ‘powers that be’ presently in charge, we’ve got to realize (with real eyes) that we’ve energetically given the corps(e) our power in order to govern our affairs for us without knowing the difference between a de jure government that is elected by the people, for the people, of the people compared to the de facto(ry) corporate government that has abused its power because it could. I break this down in greater detail in The Justinian ConneXion Report you can read for yourself by following the link.

As a proposed remedy for the madness of what we’ve been facing in an amplified way over the last few years, I believe that we must rebuild our community connections without the corporate structures organizing or enforcing them and to do that we must create a culture of care.

This is why we will be delving into sacred space holding training in the workshop on June 25 as we “Make Friends With Our Emotions: Breaking Up With The Bullies Within.” It’s a novel approach that goes deeper into the message shared today, as well as digging into the power of forgiveness I recently blogged about that you can check out here.

I hope this message inspires you to feel into what was shared and what you care to do with and about it. RSVPing for the upcoming workshop is a great starting point but I’m biased because I know the power of what I’ve prepared for those who do 🙂

I’d love to know what it means to and for you so leave a comment down below or send me an email to let me know privately at .

With love and respect,

Laura jeH – Namaste

PS. The featured cave picture was taken with the first friend I made when I moved my life to England and who greatly impacted my life by teaching me spiritual concepts I would have had to quest far and wide to find had I not been guided directly to the crystal shop she worked at & I wrote about in FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW in Chapter 25: Intuition, Following Hunches & Our Deepest FEAR.

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