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The Justinian ConneXion Report

In a world where our beliefs have been weaponized against us and one another it’s vital that we build off of the work others have done to expose the dogged lines and tricks that have kept us slipping into www.rlds (domains) where terror reigns.

This report has been based on research of Romley Stewart and Rohan Lorian’s work on the Justinian Deception that my ‘law man’ brought to my attention while I faced a COVID violation in an Act I never agreed to play in or profit from. It was stayed prior to my day in court after more than a year of learning how to correct the false assumptions made about me using lawful notices that protected rights I claimed (for the first time) because necessity required I learn the ropes I hope to bring to light.

In December 2022 I got an inspired nudge to look into it further and started watching videos Romley and Rohan had posted to their ‘Justinian Deception’ YouTube channel which were full for insights I knew were significant.  When I mentioned it to my ‘law man’ he said he’d assembled a binder dedicated to the Justinian Deception and lent it to me. I thank both men for their efforts and hope to have them around the ’round table’ I feel is our best bet in restoring order to the corruption their work has helped me lay out with additions of my own based on hunches I’ve backed up as best as I could at the time it was made public.

My hope is that others with deeper insights and a genuine heart to help restore order and justice to the common lands we share will reach out to collate our knowledge and wisdom in a fashion that not only exposes the legal fiction in a legitimate way but empowers each one of us to call for order, justice and the right use of will as the living men and women present to do what those who came before us did for us. For that is how we leave a legacy future generations will see to be the leg i see standing!

Please share this report with anyone you feel can help refine the truths shared and either leave comments below to go deeper than I did or email me with your insights so I can share them on your behalf… you can use the contact form below to do so or sign up to receive regular emails you can reply to with insights and invites only those subscribed will receive.

Thank you for doing your part, as I do my best to do mine, in this in-sane reality to bring about the Newly Ordered World now.

In good faith,

Laura jeH